Rosa Benito's desperate request to Rocío Carrasco

Rosa Benito can no longer bear the war they maintain Rocio Carrasco Y Dew Flowers and has decided to make an unexpected decision with a message full of emotion and exhaustion addressed to the protagonists of the story that has most shaken the foundations of the press of the heart.

The one who was a collaborator of Save me He has entered the program in which he collaborates live from his home, It's already eight, since a few days ago it gave positive for coronavirus and must remain confined until she recovers from the illness.

Without wanting to miss your usual appointment at the space hosted by Sonsoles Ónega, Amador Mohedano's ex-wife has valued the latest interventions by Rocío Jurado's granddaughter in another program on the chain and, taking advantage of Gloria Camila's presence on the set, wanted to send a desperate request to Carrasco and Flores to put an end to a situation that seems irreconcilable.

Call for unity

Very excited and ensuring that she understands both parties, Rosa Benito has addressed both the mother and the daughter with a message that aims to get them together and have that long-awaited conversation.

While Benito highlighted that the young woman has already launched this proposal to her mother, the collaborator pointed out that this situation "leads to suffering on both sides."

In a last attempt to get mother and daughter to meet again, Rosa Benito has launched a desperate request to Rocío Flores and Rocío Carrasco. "All I ask is that they feel like mother and daughter and let them speak what they have to say. ANDThis will take a lot of suffering from both parties"Said Rocío Carrasco's aunt.


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