July 27, 2021

«Rony, you can not give me these scares»

«Rony, you can not give me these scares»

Florentino Pérez joked at the Santiago Bernabéu box with Ronaldo Nazario at the end of the game against Valladolid. The white president joked with the now owner of Pucela's team and said: "Rony, you can not give me these scares. Do not forget that I am the godfather of your wedding … »(laughs). And Ronaldo replied in that same cordial and teasing tone: "Presi, do not complain that you've had much luck." Once again the laughs between the two characters, who have always maintained an extraordinary relationship since Florentino signed him for Madrid.

Content with Solari The president of Real Madrid has told its CEO, José Ángel Sánchez, that for now stop the management of the search for a new technician because he is very happy with the arrival and staging of Solari. In this way, the Argentine will try to continue earning the confidence of the staff to remain in office until the end.

Maradona will encourage Boca

The "Mother of All Battles" will be the final of the Copa Libertadores de América between River Plate and Boca Juniors, a duel that has awakened an unprecedented expectation. It will be a double match and Diego Maradona wants to be present to encourage as an amateur more to his mouth of the soul.

City-PSG, shame

UEFA will not sanction PSG or Manchester City despite having breached the financial "fair play". A shame. I already informed you in "El Chiringüito" some time ago that if UEFA acted with rigor with the Parisian club, Mbappé could not continue there with the economic trick of the assignment and that it would be a golden opportunity for Florentinmo to sign him. In the end, the "uefos" blatantly looked the other way, suspiciously benefiting the powerful French club. But the scandal has exploded …


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