April 16, 2021

Ron Lal presents Crime and teln, a funny love letter to theater and art – La Provincia

Ron Lal presents Crime and teln, a funny love letter to theater and art - La Provincia

Ron Lalá, one of the most solvent and fun companies in the Spanish theater scene, returns to Cuyás Theater with his new show, Crime and curtain. The work that will be performed in the Gran Canaria City Hall on February 15 and 16, at 8:30 pm, parody the precarious situation that the art and culture of our time go through, while paying homage to the performing arts with a tour through different eras, nations and styles.

The proposal is set in the near future in which the arts are prohibited and our planet, turned into Earth City, is governed by an artificial intelligence with an army of drones. Its atmosphere is that of a thriller of the black genre, with multiple cinematographic and literary references (Poe, Conan Doyle, Chandler, Christie €), and the scenes follow each other like pieces of an enigmatic puzzle to resolve, before spectators who are simultaneously witnesses and suspects, the greatest assassination of history: the death of the theater.

This plot gives rise to a labyrinth of intrigues and laughter served by the five actors-musicians that make up the company, Ínigo Echevarría, Daniel Rovalher, Juan Cañas, Miguel Magdalena and Álvaro Tato, to those who, led by Yayo Cáceres, are joined in this tour by Jacinto Bobo and Fran García.

Tickets to enjoy this great show at the Cuyás Theater, where it has the sponsorship of the Global transport company, are on sale, starting at 12 euros (more discounts) at the box office and the website of the venue: www .teatrocuyas.com.

Oxygenating proposal

According to Yayo Cáceres, the origins of the crime novel go back to antiquity, when Archimedes was required by Hiero, king of Syracuse, to find out if a jeweler had deceived him in the making of a crown. In the style of the best detectives, "Archimedes then used his principle applied to bodies of different specific weight and discovered that the jeweler had effectively defrauded part of the gold that had been delivered to him to build the crown," explains the director, in whose new work A detective named Noir tries to do the same and find out who killed the theater.

"We will try to Crime and curtain be a loud laugh that oxygenates the thought about art in our days and in that hypothetical future of "dry law of art" that I hope will not come, in a not very distant year 2037, "adds Cáceres, who has designed a show in the purest ronlalero style, with a lighting that suggests mystery but that explodes with successive flashbacks, a masterful use of the stage space and a wardrobe that from the training qualify as "retro-futurist".

Founded in 1996, Ron Lalá is a theater and humor company with live music whose proposals combine music and original texts with their own scenic language put at the service of a critical and citrus humor that, through a work of collective creation, gives rise to an unmistakable style. In his credit there are two great successes co-produced by the National Company of Classical Theater: Cervantina (Max 2016 Award for Best Musical Show) and In a place of Quijote. As well, Eyes of water, Century of Gold, century of now (Folía), Those crazy baroque, Time at the time, World and final, Ron Lalá Directo Y My inner mystery. With hundreds of performances behind them, ronlaleros have starred in numerous national and international tours, participated in major events and festivals and won numerous awards, including two Max Awards.


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