July 25, 2021

Romina Celeste: The husband of the missing girl in Lanzarote confesses that she got rid of the body | Society

Romina Celeste: The husband of the missing girl in Lanzarote confesses that she got rid of the body | Society

Raúl D.C., husband of the Paraguayan girl disappeared on the island of Lanzarote, Romina Celeste Núñez Rodríguez, He has confessed that he got rid of the body of the woman, who has not yet been found, as sources close to the investigation have confirmed to Europa Press.

However, according to the EFE agency Raúl D.C. has defended in his police statement that he did not kill the young Paraguayan, 25 years old, but they just argued, he left home and when the found dead on New Year's Eve when he returned home and got rid of the body. The couple's home in Costa Teguise will be inspected tomorrow.

The man, who was arrested on Sunday after finding the Civil Guard sufficient evidence to presuppose his relationship with the disappearance of the young woman, is expected to be taken to court in two days, and will probably be the Arrecife Court of Instruction Number 1, with competences in cases of violence against women, who will take charge of the proceedings.

The alleged killer He is of Spanish nationality, engineer, 42 years old and resident on the island of Lanzarote. In his first statement, the detainee said that at dawn on January 1 she insisted that he lend her money "to go and get her son to Paraguay." The man told him, according to his statement, that he did not have and, to avoid an argument, he left. "I was there all night and all morning by Costa [Teguise], taking walks, watching the sunrise, having a few beers and arriving home at three o'clock in the afternoon, "the man said, and there was no woman.

The case is treated as a homicide, although the sources consulted suggest that it is envisaged that it will be transferred to a court with jurisdiction over cases of violence against women because it is expected to prove its involvement in the facts or its confession about the authorship of the crimes. same. Anyway, the proceedings have been declared secret.

Romina's husband reported her disappearance a week after she was last seen. He did not do it before because "he has already disappeared other times". It was the girl's family, from Paraguay who, having no news of her, asked the detainee to file the complaint.


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