June 22, 2021

Romina Celeste: The husband of the disappeared in Lanzarote enters prison accused of killing his wife | Society

Romina Celeste: The husband of the disappeared in Lanzarote enters prison accused of killing his wife | Society

Raúl Díaz, the husband of the disappeared in Lanzarote Romina Celeste Núñez and the main suspect in his murder, has been imprisoned on Wednesday by order of the magistrate of the Arrecife Court of Instruction No. 1. He is accused of killing his wife and of habitual abuse. He has sustained the same version since Sunday, when he was arrested by the Civil Guard: he arrived home on New Year's Day, the body was found and, scared because he had used drugs, He tried to burn it in the garden of his house to get rid of it and, as he could not, he threw his remains to the sea in different parts of the coast.

This Wednesday, the Civil Guard asked to extend his detention another 48 hours – today the maximum term of 72 hours that could be retained was met – but the judge decided to begin with the interrogation and dismissed the measure. After two hours of declaration, the magistrate accepted the request for admission to prison made by the Canary Islands Prosecutor's Office.

Romina Celeste Núñez Rodríguez disappeared 16 days ago in Costa Teguise, east of Lanzarote. Her relatives spoke with her for the last time, from Paraguay, on New Year's Eve and on the afternoon of January 7, they urged her husband to notify the authorities, he said. On Sunday, the Civil Guard related him to the facts after taking part in a telephone conversation with a relative in which he explained how he had disposed of the body and stopped him. In addition, sources close to the investigation claim that there are episodes of mistreatment in the couple. The woman, aged 28 and with a four-year-old son who lives in her country of origin, denounced him to the National Police of Arrecife on August 8, 2018, two days before getting married; On December 29, 48 hours before disappearing, the young woman went to the Insular Hospital of Lanzarote. Although the reason is unknown. "They took time to take care of it and the woman left without the doctors being able to see her," according to the Armed Institute.

From Monday divers, a helicopter and boats of the provincial Maritime Service look for the remains of the young in several points of the coast, and for 24 hours they inspect the address they shared, the office where he worked and a rental car that could have been used to move the body. The night of this Tuesday, after the concentration summoned by the feminist groups against the extreme right-wing proposals of Vox -which were replicated in more than a hundred cities and towns of Spain- neighbors, acquaintances and part of the Paraguayan community in Lanzarote yielded a small tribute to Romina Celeste, whose name was also part of the mobilization slogans. They demanded "justice" for the disappeared in front of a small altar that they placed at the doors of the house where the woman lived with the presumed murderer, in the urbanization of El Palmeral.

Raúl Díaz, 44, studied Industrial Engineering at the private university Alfonso X El Sabio between 1996 and 2003, the following year he took a master's degree in Electric Power Generation Technologies and started working in that sector. He is of Spanish nationality and resides in Lanzarote since 2013, when he was hired at a diesel power plant. In his first statement he assured that Early on the morning of January 1, she insisted that he lend her money "to go for his son to Paraguay". He, said, he answered that he did not have and, to avoid an argument, he left: "I was all night and all morning by Costa [Teguise], taking walks, watching the sunrise, having a few beers and arriving home at three in the afternoon. "She stated that when she returned to the common home the woman was not there, she did not report before, according to her testimony, because she" had already disappeared other times".

In Paraguay, the family of Romina Celeste Núñez is waiting, who does not plan to travel to Spain. Her sister, Helen Núñez Rodríguez, He has asked for respect for the pain of the family. And his mother, Miriam Rodriguez, has assured several Paraguayan media interviews that she "can not even" sleep because she is "afraid" that the Civil Guard will call her to inform her that they have found her daughter and that she does not hear the phone.

The investigation is conducted by the People and Homicide team of the Judicial Police Organic Unit of the Command of Las Palmas, supported by the registers of the domicile, office and car of the detainee by the ECIO (Central Ocular Inspection Unit of Criminalistics) and by a dog specialized in the search and location of human remains of the Cynological Service of the Civil Guard.

If confirmed this as a case of sexist violence, Romina Celeste would be the victim 978 since there are official records, in 2003, and the third victim of 2019, after the stabbing of a 26-year-old woman on January 3 in Laredo (Cantabria) and of another of 47 last Saturday in Fuengirola, In Malaga.

The number of attention to victims of gender violence is 016. It leaves no trace on the telephone bill, although it must be removed from the call register.


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