July 9, 2020

Romeva challenges Sanchez to wonder if he has the courage "to abandon the repressive way"

This has been expressed in an article in the newspaper 'Ara' written from the Lledoners prison (Barcelona) collected by Europa Press on Tuesday, in which he added that it is up to independence to continue on his way without renouncing the objectives, but assuming that you can't afford to "leave anyone behind."

It has called for negotiations to form a Government in the State to have a visible and a discreet part, to be done with mutual respect and starting from a good diagnosis, and accepting that it is a complex context that requires the intervention of various actors.

"The objective of the dialogue is to generate the conditions so that at any given time, and when circumstances permit, a political negotiation takes place," he added, and called to build a framework for a deep negotiation on the Catalan folder .

However, he has asserted that they will never renounce dialogue or negotiation: "This attitude does not weaken us, but rather strengthens us, also before the international community," said the Minister of Foreign Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency.

However, he has insisted that the Catalan question must be channeled through political channels and has lamented: "There are broad sectors in the State, and also in Catalonia, which believe that neither dialogue nor negotiation is necessary."

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