Romero, before his big night

In the art of the eight limbs, as Muay Thai is popularly known, a new ambassador has been uncovered in Gran Canaria. The middleweight fighter (72 and a half kilograms), Toni Romero, will seek glory on his big night on July 3 in Barcelona to win the belt of champion of Spain in the martial art modality from Thailand.

The warrior forged in the Risco de San Nicolás will be challenged by Ignasi Larios. A duel in which the respect between both combatants will prevail over the title at stake. The evening to be held in the Barcelona town of Canovelles is having a great acceptance and a high-altitude show is expected on the ring.

The quills of Romero are at the disposal of the defense of the insular honor. Forged with the goldsmithing of Mario Vega, the mentor who gives him “everything”, both mentally and physically, the conquest of Nacional is planned every day at the Kaewsamrit Gym Canarias. In Calle Rafael García Pérez, 17 is the laboratory that sculpts the figure of this titan of the ring.

The study that is being carried out on El Niño del Eldo, as Larios was nicknamed on his journey through Thailand, is meticulous. “He has very strong elbows and arms, he uses them with great impetus,” says Toni about what is expected in two months in the Catalan capital.

Together with Mario Vega, his coach, he prepares to conquer Spain and make the leap to Europe


To stop the Barcelona’s elbows, the roadmap that Romero may be currently drawing would go through concentrating on the lower body. “To have to say a weak point, I would say that it does not kick much.” There may lie one of the keys to this key fight in Romero’s career. “I am a lot to put shins and there I can exploit my advantages” reveals the fighter in reference to what he can pose on the day of the fight against his rival.

Dissected Larios, Toni’s description reflects it himself. “I am a stylish fighter”, indicates in the repertoire of the types of fighter that exist in this martial art. Muay Khao is a fighter who uses his knees a lot, or to take another example, Muay Fimeu, who happens to have control of the rival fighter, and distance work through his legs. This is the style in which Romero is described. “Let’s say it’s the one most akin to my qualities”

The preparation for this great night is having a great sacrifice. Toni has to make a couple of keys to her daily organization chart to be able to find a space for training. «I try to go to the gym all the hours that I can and that my work allows me. Normally I go from 9 to 12 in the morning and if I have time in the afternoons, I usually go from four to eight, as much as I can and that depends on working hours, “he explains.

Romero’s routine is daily. “First I do the little race, then I do physical work and I continue with the coach and especially with my coach,” he adds.

All this with the ideal diet to “lower the grams that are left over before the day of the fight”, although as Toni is already in shape, he considers that he is already “in the ideal weight” and that therefore, that insignificant excess he brings it down “with a run.”

To win in this fight, the doors of continental and world titles would open wide to Romero. A goal that gets in his way, the one that began when he was 14 years old, when he first went to the gym to get started in martial arts as a method of defense.

He describes himself as a fighter who uses the ‘Muay Fumeu’ style; “I’m a stylish fighter,” he says


“As a child they beat me a little in the neighborhood and I didn’t want to feel bad, so I went to learn how to defend myself,” reveals the expert competitor.

Because yes, Toni wants to make it clear that Muay Thai is an art in which respect for the rival and the rituals that are carried out before, during and after the fight, has nothing to do with a violent environment. “That is always said when there is ignorance, but this is a way to stay healthy by doing sports and you also have skills to be able to defend yourself”, promulgates the fighter.

For this reason, he invites all those boys and girls who are suffering bullying today to start “in this wonderful sport.” Titan’s word.


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