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Romanticism | TV | THE COUNTRY

A little over 100 years ago they met at Villa Diodati, in Cologny (Switzerland), Percy and Mary Shelley, John Polidori, the host's personal physician, and the summoner Lord Byron. They were glorious days for horror literature, which Gonzalo Suárez left in his excellent and excellent record in his Rowing in the wind.

A century later, one of the Showtime star series arrived on televisionPenny Dreadful that owes so much to those summer days. A show of production, an unthinkable cocktail of gothic and western literature and an excellent performance in which two Spaniards, Juan Antonio Bayona and Paco Cabezas, were responsible for the start of the first season and the end of the last, under the tutelage from John Logan.

The entire series oozes romanticism. Extraordinary characters, supernatural forces, vampires, luxury and misery in a London of great adventurers, of poor workers and young men snobs Werewolves, Frankenstein, Dracula, Jekyll, Hyde, Dorian Gray and the first suffragists roam around. They are the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the esoteric. Science and hallucinations with a collateral history in New Mexico, in which the cruel colonization intersects with the Apaches and their enigmatic rituals.

Eva Green, Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton lead the distribution of this production that is overwhelming for its power, with an excellent and moderate use of special effects and with that unique atmosphere of a passionate time in which the legends and ancestral fears are They resisted succumbing to technical advances.

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