Román Rodríguez will address in Brussels the files of the Canary Islands in the EC

Román Rodríguez will address in Brussels the files of the Canary Islands in the EC

The Vice President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Román Rodríguez. / C7

He will travel next week to deal with the community authorities on issues that affect the islands, such as tax harmonization and the imposition of a minimum rate of 15% for Companies

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The Vice President and Minister of Finance, Budgets and European Affairs, Román Rodríguez, will travel to Brussels next week to address with community authorities the files of the Canary Islands that are processed in the European Commission.

Roman Rodriguez
will meet, among others, with the Director General of Regional Policy and with the Director General of Taxation and Customs Union of the Commissionon a journey that means resuming the face-to-face meetings that were held before the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the files to be addressed During the next week, the renewal of the Outermost Regions Strategy, the proposal for a Directive on fiscal harmonization or the participation of the Archipelago in European programs to be executed on the African continent are indicated in a statement from the Ministry of Finance.

The vice president will begin his visit on Tuesday with a meeting with
the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Spain to the EUMarcos Alonso, with whom he will review the different RUP dossiers in the framework of the preparation of the Spanish Presidency of the Council.

In relation to this matter, Román Rodríguez will then meet with
the director of Regional and Urban Policy of the European CommissionMarc Lemaitre, to address the renewal of the RUP Strategy of the European Union and the impact of the pandemic caused by covid-19 in these remote and vulnerable territories.

Tuesday's session will continue with a meeting with
the director responsible for African affairs of the Directorate General for International Associations of the CommissionSandra Kramer, with whom he will analyze the development of the European Union's MAC program, in which the Canary Islands will once again play a relevant role.

Also within this same Directorate General, the Vice President will hold a meeting with
the director of Sustainable Development PolicyFélix Fernández-Shaw, to explore the role that the Canary Islands could play in the deployment in Africa of the European Global Gateway project.

It is a new European strategy to promote smart, clean and secure links in the digital, energy and transport sectors, as well as to strengthen health, education and research systems around the world.

Tuesday's agenda will close with a work session with
the advisers of the Permanent Representation of Spain before the EU José Ramón Funes, Lucía Merino, Saulo Marrero, Almudena Darias, Victoria Hernández and Cristina Sosa.

The visit will conclude on Wednesday with the meeting between Román Rodríguez and
the Commission's Director General for Taxation and Customs UnionBenjamin Angel, in order to analyze the proposal for a Directive on tax harmonization, which aims to establish a minimum rate of 15% in Corporate Tax for those companies that invoice more than 750 million a year.

Also participating in the trip to Brussels, on behalf of the Government of the Canary Islands, will be the Deputy Minister of Finance, Planning and European Affairs, Fermín Delgado; the general director of European Affairs, Julián Zafra, and the general director of the Office of the Vice President, Martín Marrero.

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