November 30, 2020

Roldán says that "the only option" of Sanchez is to break pacts with independentistas and dismiss Torra

He has said this in statements to the media before the Superior Police Headquarters of Barcelona, ​​where he has attended, together with Cs deputies, a concentration of support for the National Police to which dozens of people have attended.

After Torra has asked Sánchez to meet, Roldán has demanded that the president of the Government "be responsible" and dismiss the Catalan president to open a new stage in Catalonia.

He believes that Torra "cannot continue another minute" at the head of the Generalitat and that Sanchez must guarantee the protection of the rights of non-independent Catalans.

The leader of the Orange Party has expressed support for the National Police agents who are intervening in Catalonia these days and, especially, those who have been injured during the altercations.

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