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Rojas Marcos believes that Spain needs a suicide prevention plan

Rojas Marcos believes that Spain needs a suicide prevention plan

The Spanish psychiatrist, based in New York, Luis Rojas Marcos believes that it is essential that Spain has a plan against suicide, as the United States does, because many cases can be prevented if people who think to take their own lives are identified.

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This is the request that, in statements to Efe, makes Rojas Marcos, director of the Group of Physicians Affiliates of New York, professor of psychiatry at the University of New York and former director of the hospital system of the Big Apple.

Rojas Marcos believes that it is necessary for society to invest in preventing suicide, because when it happens "there is no going back, once you have left, as my grandfather used to say, nobody has come to tell me what happened next in the other world".

That is why he values ​​the Ministry of Health, at the proposal of the Confederation of Mental Health of Spain, wants to launch a free public telephone to prevent suicide of the same type as 016, which serves victims of gender violence. 24 hours a day

"It is important that a depressed or desperate or anguished person can call and connect with another human being that is what makes situations come out," he says.

In psychiatry, suicide is very close to depression, a disease -says Rojas Marcos- "terrible because it steals your hope, and without hope you can not live, and that is why you have to pay close attention to suicide as a result of an illness "

"We must avoid by all means that people who suffer from depression take their lives," insists the psychiatrist, "because depression is treated and the person who suffers it is because neurotransmitters do not work, such as serotonin or dopamine."

Hence, insist on the importance of developing prevention and detection programs, and especially in the environment of young people who use drugs and people who take medicines for pain.

According to the specialist, suicide among young people is more frequent every day, mainly caused by the use of opioids or pain medications. The incidence is very high in the United States: "there we already talked about between 30,000 and 40,000 young people who lost their lives in an act of suicide".

But it is necessary to separate those suicidal acts from the young man who takes those medicines because he is desperate and does not want to live longer without hope, from the young man who takes that medicine to feel better, but who makes the mistake of taking more than he can tolerate. "These are suicides by mistake that for me have even more incongruity," says the psychiatrist.

"One thing is to come to the end because you have decided and it is something you can not avoid, or prevent and another is that you go to the other world by mistake because you were wrong and instead of taking 2 milligrams you took 200," he insists.

Rojas Marcos has also referred to some statements he made years ago in which he stated that the day he did not enjoy life anymore he would leave this world "without attracting attention".

What did he mean by this?. "May the day I do not take any positive aspect of life, the day I have no companions, do not have hope, do not have that hope that is so fundamental and not depressed, because if I am I will go to the psychiatrist to heal me depression, that day that comes to that conclusion I will leave this world on my own to also leave a good memory, "he argues.

Would he keep the affirmation? "Yes, but nuanced, because I would go as long as it is not an illness, because if it could not be cured".

Do you think there are many myths about suicide? Should the media talk about suicide? "Speaking in general about why people commit suicide is important because it gives information to parents, society, teaching workers who deal with other people, whether young or old.

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