July 4, 2020

Rodrigo Rato's defense blames the Bankia case for a "fortuitous accident" due to the crisis

Rodrigo Rato's lawyer Ignacio Ayala has blamed the Bankia case for a "fortuitous accident", ensuring that the central thesis of his defense is that "everything was done reasonably well and with the best intention," according to Europa Press.

In his presentation of definitive conclusions, the lawyer representing the former president of Bankia in the trial that investigates irregularities in the IPO of the entity in July 2011, has criticized that the accusations have an "irresistible tendency to seek a guilty party and say that there is no fortuitous case. "

"There was a succession of unforeseeable events for all those who were immersed in the situation. This type of accident has been denied by the accusations," Ayala has reproached before the fourth section of the Criminal Chamber.

The lawyer has indicated that one always tends to look for a responsible person to blame. In his opinion, "there are no facts that constitute a crime and there is no guilt." Rato's defense has ensured that they have witnesses to the fraud. "There has been a fundamental attribution error," he added.

He has also criticized the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office to conclude beforehand by giving clues about his extension of the accusation, "violating" the principle of rationality in the assessment of the evidence. "I had already announced that it would be expanded without the practice of oral testing," he said.

Ayala believes that the Prosecutor's Office has intended that the story survive the judicial evidence, ensuring that reality coincides with what it wants to be.

In addition, he believes that the facts that have been analyzed during the procedure have been "decontextualized from their environment, both from a legal, historical and regulatory point of view, as if they were absolutely autonomous episodes."

"The crisis has been denied, the most serious in times of peace in Spain … It cannot be dispensed with the context in which the events occurred," he said. "Denying the evidence leads to the absurd," he added.

According to the defense of Rato, for which the Public Ministry requests eight and a half years in prison for scam investors and accounting falsehood, the "profitability" of denying the crisis is to build an appropriate causality to blame those responsible and reject that the context affects the scope of the impairments or provisions of Bankia.

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