Rodrigo dynamite at Getafe | sports

Rodrigo dynamite at Getafe | sports

Three goals from the reborn Rodrigo, two in the discount, dynamited the Getafe rock. The squad of Marcelino drilled with soccer, three goals and a good dose of faith the resistance of Getafe. Exploiting the two lanes and percussing on the outside, the eleven of the bat demolished Getafe's ability to ambush and qualified for the semis on an unforgettable night.

A cloud of doubts surrounded the alignment of Marcellin, who hid the list of summoned until noon. "I still have not done the lineup for Tuesday," he said angrily on Saturday when he was questioned about the eleven. The Asturian took the game very seriously and presented a competitive eleven with only a change in the goal, where he kept Jaume, his reserve goalkeeper. That decision was about to be fatal. Jaume, distracted by the blue goal, forced his teammates to star in a feat.

That team, reliable on paper, stuck a bang barely played 37 seconds of play. A pass from Ferran Torres on Santi Mina intercepted by Djene fell to Maksimovic, former Valencia, who anticipated the crazy entrance of Gabriel and Gayà and attended Jordi Molina. The blue matador broke into a run and shot on goal a tight shot to the near post that Jaume ate, still cold and unprepared. The error of the substitute goal was of bulk and he condemned his team to row. Marcelino's first determined approach in the tournament went to hell before the first minute of play.

The reaction of Valencia was immediate. Rodrigo kicked with intention from the front but Chichizola saved the equalizer. The difference between both plays so fast was that one goalkeeper was alive and the other was not. The goal of the Valencian Jordi Molina, who scored two goals against Valencia in this tie, put Getafe in a comfortable zone. Then appeared the hard skin of Bordalás's team, which tried to play little. If Valencia were already aware that their challenge was to blow up a rock, after the goal, they fell headlong into a harder reality: they had to climb a mountain. Did.

The eleven bat, with the weight of three goals in the back, did not respond badly. With his people cheering from the stands, he took the ball, overcame the trenches that the Bordalás sappers had dug, and arrived where Chichizola was defending the flag. Parejo had two free throws from the balcony of the area, Wass was wrong giving the ball to Ferran when after a good save from Santi Mina could shoot on goal and Rodrigo nodded badly after a defective exit of the Geta goalkeeper.

The quick goal that Valencia needed to try to knock down the blue wall was achieved by Santi Mina at the start of the second half after a side center by Piccini. The VAR annulled it for out of game previous in the beginning of the play of Rodrigo. The so much that pushed the locals and stoked the fire in the Mestalla boiler came immediately. Rodrigo swelled the net after a brilliant combination between Gayà and Cheryshev launched by Soler. The Valencia was disheveled. Cheryshev did not finish another good shipment of Ferran Torres but Hugo Duro had the second for the second after a bad start of Jaume in a corner.

In the final arreón, with the Getafe with ten for expulsion of Djene and Marcelino loading with all his offensive players, Rodrigo returned to mark two goals that classified Valencia and turned Mestalla into a party. The game got dirty when the referee blew the final with several tanganas between several players that forced intervention to the private security of the club but that were closed without major consequences.

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