Rodrigo de Santos recognizes “insinuations” to one of his alleged victims but denies the violations

The former deputy mayor of Palma Rodrigo de Santos, accused of sexually assaulting two prisoners during the permits that they passed in the NGO in which he worked, has recognized this Monday in the trial the “insinuations” that he made to one of them, but He has denied that he touched him, as the prosecutor and the private accusations defend. Of the other complainant, an alleged victim of violations by Rodrigo de Santos, the defendant has said that he has “never” had any physical contact with him. “If he had wanted to have relations with him, he would have asked him from adult to adult and if he had said yes, maybe we would have had them,” said the former PP politician.

Rodrigo de Santos, the fate of the predator

Rodrigo de Santos, the fate of the predator

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The “insinuations” admitted by De Santos appear in the summary through the whatsapp that was exchanged with the young man, of Moroccan origin and who passed prison permits in the centers of the Fundación Horizontes Abiertas-Padre Garralda to make up for the lack of roots. “The truth is that I would love you to be mine ‘,’ if you were bisexual like me you would have 100% ‘,’ I’m going to sleep Rachid, if you want to go down to sleep in my bed I’ll leave you open ‘,’ I promise to treat you with great care and I respect, as if you were my son … my house is your house and my bed is your bed, that you know that I would love for you to be here by my side to sleep hugging you, I love you my Rachid ‘”, these messages pick up.

According to the prosecutor’s brief, Rodrigo de Santos would have taken the inmate on leave by car to his private home and there he would have touched him. De Santos has stated that the “insinuations” ran in both directions. “It was a very serious mistake to mix my personal life with my professional life. It was a relationship of mutual affection,” said the defendant. He then assured that he took him home so that he could call his family to Morocco, which was not allowed from the NGO shelter, but that at no time was he hinted at there or touched him. Once he was aware of the error, he added, he did not meet the NGO user again outside the shelters.

Regarding the most serious accusation, Rodrigo de Santos attributes the seven violations to the other inmate, a young man of Dominican origin, to a desire for revenge by the alleged victim for having reported against his stay in the houses of the NGO for non-compliance constants of the norms. That threat, informing Prisons against the endorsement of the prisoner and that he lose his penitentiary permits, was used by the accused to obtain sexual favors, according to the accusation. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for twenty years in prison for the one that was a promise of the regeneration of the Balearic PP for the sexual assaults on the two inmates.

De Santos has narrated an alleged atmosphere of hostility against him by the other workers since he was hired and has accused two of his former colleagues of filling the mailboxes in the neighborhood where the shelter was with photocopies with news about his conviction for sexually abusing two brothers, friends of their children. According to Rodrigo de Santos, the young Dominican made up the rapes after threatening to spread his past. By then, the news about the conviction for abusing minors from De Santos had already circulated through the WhatsApp groups of the foster homes.

Rodrigo de Santos denies having arrived at Father Garralda’s NGO, with a patronage dominated by PP politicians, due to his past in training. He has assured that he studied Social Work in prison and that when he left he asked to be a volunteer at the Padre Garralda Foundation because his children reside in Madrid. He has also stated that he did not know any of the members of the PP who made up the Board of Trustees while he has denied his time in politics, which he stick to “four years” as deputy mayor of Palma.

In his denial of sexual relations with the young Dominican, Rodrigo de Santos has specified that they could not be given because, contrary to those who collect the indictments, he is “sexually active” and has announced that he will present colonoscopies to prove it.

Rodrigo de Santos has downplayed his power in the hostages and with the endorsements of the prisoners and has defended that these were decisions made by a team of seven people. A user of the houses, to whom the young Dominican confessed the sexual assaults, has assured that the person in charge of the house was De Santos. This witness has also said that the alleged victim told him that at first the sexual relations with the accused were consensual, in exchange for “favors”, such as permits to spend nights outside the shelters, and even small amounts of money. But that when he refused to continue with the sexual encounters was when de Santos began to extort him by reporting against his permits.


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