Rod, desolation for the agreement with Bildu but also if the extension is not approved

The president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, has stated this Sunday that it produces "desolation" to see the PSOE initials "mixed" with EH Bildu, but it would also have produced much desolation that had not been followed by the state alarm, which is giving results for the emergence of the coronavirus crisis.

"I want to understand that that has been the reason," said Fernández Vara in the videoconference in which he reported on the conference of presidents with the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, to add that he is at a time in his life in which "Before judging, I usually put myself in the place of others because it helps you see things with a certain perspective."

The Extremadura president has said that he has "no doubt" about the defense and integrity of the people and what the PSOE and its people have meant in the fight against terrorism.

For this reason, he added that "from that desolation" it is necessary to put oneself in the place of whether it should be taken so that the state of alarm does not fall "and it is necessary to consider", because, in his opinion, "this is where the difference between pure spirits, who never have to make a decision, and those who are at the cutting edge and have to make it, it is always comfortable to be in profile. "

In his opinion, they are moments to put themselves in the other's place, because "there are too many people determined to radicalize society", in which there are "more than blacks and whites, good and bad".

Fernández Vara has confessed that it hurts "a lot" that in order to carry out measures "that save human lives, it is necessary to resort to this type of political forces" and that is what "some would have to consider"

As for the differences between vice presidents Nadia Calviño and Pablo Iglesias on labor reform, he pointed out that "throughout God's life there have been differences between ministers, even when they are from the same party."

Fernández Vara recalled that the repeal is an electoral commitment but also that one must be able to fulfill the commitments with the EU, in addition to specifying that he has not "heard" anyone that this repeal is going to be done "tomorrow or the day after within a month".

"We will have to find the best time," said Fernández Vara, who has appealed to "not lose sight of the need to find a way out that is not destroying the quality of employment and that falls on the usual ones."


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