July 5, 2020


Ian Dury sang it and was exercised by countless singers and guild groups, most of whom performed in Spain thanks to the good work of Gay Mercader, The great merchant of Rock and Roll, as they titled their great report of Essentials its filmmakers Pilar Ruiz and Montse Mompó. Gay explains that his life has been “sex, drugs and Rock And Roll and, in addition, in huge quantities ”.

In his splendid farmhouse 100 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​surrounded by dogs, horses and chickens, he recounts part of his life, full of anecdotes, friendships and financial ups and downs. He will never write his memoirs, but they would be much more entertaining than those of any politician defenestrated to use. I could tell, and tell, the difficulties to promote the first concert of the Stones in the Monumental of Barcelona in June 1976, after overcoming several absurd prohibitions by the competent authority. I could even tell when the five-star hotel receptionist asked Richards and Jagger, accompanied by two groupies, to show him the family book so he could upload them to the rooms, which Gay corrected with a splendid tip. That concert was his first economic failure of the four he confesses and of those who, due to his ability to work, were reborn on all occasions.

He was also responsible for the two concerts at the Calderón of the aforementioned Stones in July 82, which became the first major party of the Transition. Seeing him contemplate excitedly at the AC / DC concerts or listen to the praise that Sting, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, his Christian cousin from Sica or the Roca brothers is to understand the importance of Rock And Roll.


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