Rock & Books unites music and literature in a festival with pedagogical purpose – La Provincia

Rock & Books unites music and literature in a festival with pedagogical purpose - La Provincia

Rock & Books, the first festival pedagogical of the Canary Islands, will host, for ten days consecutively, from this Friday until December 8, presentations, round tables, concerts and workshops.

The event, which was born in order to encourage the creation and visibilize the work and talent of writers and musicians from Gran Canaria, will be held in the Alameda de Colón, It has a budget of 67,965 euros.

During the presentation, one of the organizers, Carlos Garcia, He pointed out that the objective has been to give visibility to those formations that work for their own creation. "It's not just rock and roll," he said. "The literary part is also important, because of the 55 scheduled hours, 36 on literature and 19 on music."

García, who made these statements accompanied by the also organizer, Ramón Betancor, and the Minister of Culture of the Gran Canaria Cabildo, Carlos Ruiz, added that "the objective is to merge music with other artistic activities."

Ramón Betancor, For his part, he stressed that "the objective is to make visible the work of the creators, in a time of so many groups of tributes". In his opinion, this festival "is born with a pedagogical concern", since there are festivals that only entertain, but here you will see a lot of culture because not only are the concerts and round tables, but also workshops, events for children, documentaries " .

The organizer stressed that "the greatest experts in music and literature will talk about what is happening with lyrics and music, with those who know most in the Canary Islands." Finally, Carlos Ruiz, stressed that it is a festival held for the promotion of creators, "and this idea begins to take shape"

Numerous experts linked with both arts will participate in this marathon. The concerts will be one of the main courses. On the one hand, there will be pop performances like those of Little Women, Extática, Los Coquillos, Sao, Pumuky, The Birkins, Superalejandrito, Zeason, Heriberto Cruz, Bored Cosmic, Brutalizzed Kids, Tronsky Trio, Judgment Day, Suárez DC, Last Key, Extreme Minds and Red Marks. And on the other, it is included in acoustic format of the type Renassencia, Skates Tart, Kakophonies, Warm Mechanics, Nothing in the Pockets, Car Speaker, Carlos Catana and Margarita Galván.

The most important aspect is the debates. This Friday, the festival includes two. The first, at 6:00 p.m., will deal with the Current state of music and literature in the Canary Islands moderated by Ramón Betancor with the interventions of producer Jaime Arias, singer Beatriz Pérez, bookseller Javier Guerra and journalist Xavier Valiño. The second, at 20.00, carries the title of Criticism or opinion? Is there a real criticism of music and literature in the Canary Islands? which will be moderated by José Antonio Neketán, and will feature the literary critic Javier Hernández, the writer Rubén Benítez Florido, the musician and writer Alejandro Ramos and the cultural manager José Manuel Hernández Castellano.

The rest of the week there will be other round tables with the titles of Evolution of Rock in the Canary Islands. A story of lights and shadows; Creators The woman in literature and rock; A new stage for art. The role of social networks in music and literature, or Publish in the Canary Islands. Gathering and development of literary and musical projects.

The presentation of books includes the essay Forgotten scenes, the oral history of Golpes Bajos, by Xavier Valiño; The girl who heard Kurt Cobain's songs, by Miguel Aguerralde; Rock around Canarias by Vicente Martín Abreu; the novel The queen of punk by Susana Hernández, or the works The Canarian discography of the 20th century Y The Canarian discography of the 21st century by Alejandro Ramos.

The screening of films will be another important aspect. In the international point includes I'm not there, by Todd Haynes; When you're strange, by Tom DiCillo; Janis: little girl blue, by Amy J. Berg. And in the local they are Brutalizzed Kids, by the Canarian filmmaker Carlos Pérez Martín; on the figure of the leader of Teclados Fritos, Suárez DC, of ​​the Canary director and screenwriter José María de Páiz and Until sunrise, by the Canarian filmmaker Nico Alva, on the figure of Ginés Cedrés.


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