June 15, 2021

Rocío Flores uses her sister to promote an academy while making a huge spelling mistake

Dew Flowers is one of the television faces that has received the most criticism in recent weeks after the broadcast of ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive’. The collaborator has again been the target of a multitude of negative comments for advertise an academy on social media taking advantage of the image of your little sister and, in the same video, commit a wild misspelling.

The daughter of Rocío Carrasco announced an online language academy and wanted take advantage of the image of sister Lola, a minor, to advertise in an Instagram video: “Look at her, I eat her giving her first English class online,” he commented in the background.

After explaining data from the school in question, he added several written sentences in which he made a tremendous misspelling that did not go unnoticed among his followers: he wrote ‘hourly flexibility’, instead of ‘flexible hours’. The criticisms did not take long to reach the gathering of ‘The Ana Rosa program’ on their social networks.


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