Rocío Flores reacts to her mother’s debut in ‘Save me’: “I’m not going to put my health at risk”

Rocío Flores, in Telecinco.

Rocío Flores, in Telecinco.

Rocío Carrasco became the absolute protagonist of ‘Save me’ during the afternoon of this Wednesday, July 7. The daughter of Rocío Jurado She went to the set to see their faces with her colleagues and to reveal that she will be the defender of the audience with the section ‘Talk to her’, a role with which she returns to television. “I’m happy to have the desire to work. I haven’t had them for a long time,” she confessed to Jorge Javier Vazquez.

On his debut he has spoken this morning Dew Flowers on ‘The summer program’. The morning space has collected a fragment in which his mother spoke about the phrase “she has no pussy”, pronounced by herself in her documentary in reference to Olga Moreno and later used by Antonio David to attack her in ‘Survivors’ with a veiled message. “He does not have it,” Carrasco reiterated this Wednesday, avoiding entering fully into a new controversy.

“That she doesn’t have a pussy,” Joaquín Prat qualified in his program, in case there was any doubt, before Rocío Flores. “I will not go through this again”, has responded the contributor to the magazine, stating that “I have had quite a bad time with this issue and I still have a very bad time”. “I do not want to see myself in the position that, every time statements are given, I have to answer,” he added with a broken voice.

Flores, who considers that he has always respected “what each person has said”, has launched a forceful message: “That each one do with his life what he wants. taking”. Despite her leap to the media as a talkative of ‘Ana Rosa’ and ‘Survivors’, she has stated that wants to stay out of the way on family matters.

“I have always put everyone first and now I want to focus on myself, in my peace of mind and in my tranquility. I’m not going to put my health at stake again for these things, “she explained in ‘The summer program’, where she was asked about a possible meeting with her mother in the corridors of Mediaset. “The meeting is not going to take place, but not because I asked not to coincide with her in the production companies or in the chain”, has clarified.

“For me this is not a game, these things hurt me and I’ve been around for a long time and I’ve had enough to come back again “, Rocío has settled to avoid answering the questions of her colleagues


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