Rocío Flores: "It makes me sad that my mother allows 'Save me' to talk about me the way they talk"

Dew Flowers has participated this Monday in the social club of 'Ana Rosa's program', which has rededicated a good part of its contents to the conflicts that concern the family of its collaborator. "My wish for 2022 is health and that my family does well, few worse things can happen to us. From here up," Rocío Jurado's granddaughter began on the verge of tears.

Shortly after, the program has issued the statements it granted Rocio Carrasco when asked by the press for his wishes for the new year. "Virgencita, let me stay as I am," said the daughter of 'the greatest'. A few words that They have served for her daughter to throw a new dart at her from the set of the morning magazine.

"Shall I tell you what surprises me and what makes me sadder? Let his colleagues from 'Save me' talk about me as they speak. That is what makes me sad and what surprises me. May my own mother be the one who allows that, "Flores assured Patricia Pardo, who has played down Carrasco's statements: "Maybe she didn't want to go that way, it wasn't an allusion to the null relationship she has with you". "I do not know, I do not intend to defend or position myself," stressed the presenter.

An argument that has not convinced the collaborator and protagonist of this whole story: "I am a person who tries to move forward in life. A new year is coming and I would love for things to be better, and those kinds of reactions leave me petrified".

"It is what I have said many times. She is my mother and I respect what she does, I will love her the same because she is my mother and she gave birth to me," he added before deciding: "My mother hurts, but I am not going to come crying every day when I am seeing that on the other hand things are done as they are done. The day she wants, here we are. If you don't want to, I can't do much. "


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