Rocío Flores defends Gloria Camila in her conflict with Rocío Carrasco: “He doesn’t lie”

Every time she goes to her position as a collaborator in ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, Dew Flowers He insists that he does not want to talk about certain topics that do not affect him directly. Yet this morning he threw a dart at his mother again, Rocio Carrasco, to stand up for Gloria Camila.

The former contestant of ‘Survivors’ has answered questions about the lawsuit filed by her aunt so that Rocío Carrasco provide the private documents of Rocío Jurado, which would be part of the second season of his documentary on Telecinco.

“He asked for some documents to be shown that, as a daughter, I think it belongs to him to know”, has begun saying the granddaughter of the folkloric. “Some documents have been primed for a long time and it has been presented as there is no document at all,” he assured.

For his part, Antonio Rossi has pointed out that, if this is true, there would be a “contradiction”. “Your mother said publicly that they had made her present the only document that she did not want to present”The tertullian recalled: “Therefore, are there or are there no documents?”

“There are many contradictions, but I am not going to enter because it is not my topic. There are contradictions, but as in this, in 99.9% of the rest of the things,” Rocío replied before assuring that “Gloria doesn’t lie”. “I don’t know what the other party is doing,” he dropped on Telecinco.


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