Rocío Flores charges against Rosa Benito: “He used my mother to hurt me”

Dew Flowers he does not intend to give his arm to twist in his public war with Rosa Benito. While the collaborator of ‘It’s already noon’ stated this week that she has no intention of picking up the phone to bring positions closer, her niece made it clear on Tuesday that neither does he intend to make a call to bury the hatchet.

The conflict began a few weeks ago in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’, when the daughter of Rocio Carrasco and Antonio David Flores He asked a question about the controversial burning of alliances that took place in ‘Save me’ years ago: “When Rosa did that was she angry?” “When I did that I wasn’t pissed off, I was in a lot of pain. Maybe like your mother in many moments of her life”Rosa answered, visibly upset, from ‘It’s already noon’.

During the morning of yesterday, Rocío Flores remained in her thirteen: “If I had been wrong or had acted badly, I would have picked up the phone. I have done it with everyone throughout my life. My rings never fall off for apologizing“.

Given the theory that Rosa Benito thought she had laughed at her pain, the collaborator is clear: “If she really thinks that, is showing me that you don’t know me at all. It would be the last thing he would do. I’ve never done it, not with her or with anyone. ”

“I have always had the affection and respect that I have for her. Now, if she thinks she acted well with me, it seems great to me,” he added in the morning Telecinco magazine, showing once again his discomfort: “I thought it was very bad to complain that Lecquio used his daughter to harm her and for her to sit there using my mother to hurt meí. Since it hurt, I’m not going to pick up the phone. Not out of pride, but out of pain. It seemed totally out of place ”

“I have never sat here to answer Belén Esteban for asking for my public dismissal, nor to Jorge Javier Vázquez for the letters he has sent me, nor to Carlota, nor to María Patiño … Simply I answered her because I felt hurt“Rocío concluded.


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