Rocío Flores breaks her silence on 'AR' and addresses her mother: "Your children are here. Pick up the phone."

Rocío Flores in & # 039; The AR Program & # 039 ;.

Rocío Flores in 'The AR program'.

Dew Flowers It premiered last week as a collaborator of 'El programa de Ana Rosa'. Although on that occasion he decided to leave the set while talking about the docuseries starring his mother, Rocío Carrasco, today the young woman surprised those there present breaking his silence to clarify how you feel about such a media commotion.

The daughter of Antonio David Flores, fired from Telecinco for the repercussion of the documentary, has assured that she can no longer bear the media pressure and that all her actions are judged. Without fear, he wanted to refer to his mother's testimony: "There are many things that are not like that, it is that they are not like that. And that is the reality"The young woman has sentenced, adding: "I know my mother perfectly. I know perfectly what I have experienced in my mother's house. "

"It has been said that I was raised in a house with hatred. In my house, never in my life have I been provoked by hatred towards my mother. Never in my life, I have always said it, "she said visibly moved. Rocío assured that she feels" bad "with everything that happened:" I feel devastated. This is very unfair. The limits are exceeded. "He then made allusion to the other victim of the war, his brother:" There is another person named David Flores who is also suffering. "

To top it off, Rocío has alluded to the null relationship with her mother and has ensured that she did get in touch with her both after 'Survivors' and last December: "I have tried actively and passively privately . (...) Yesterday I called my mother again twice and I see that the only way there is is to contact publicly"Then he would send a message directly to his mother:"Your children are here. Pick up the phone. Call us, sit with us. Let's clear things up but I don't want more damage, more pain. I mean it totally from the heart and how I feel it.


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