Rocío Carrasco's documentary could have the hours numbered: the causes of the cancellation in Telecinco

The Rocío Carrasco documentary could have the hours counted: the causes of the cancellation in Telecinco.

The Rocío Carrasco documentary could have the hours counted: the causes of the cancellation in Telecinco.

The countdown is on. The premiere of the new documentary by Rocio Carrasco seems imminent. That if in the offices of Telecinco nothing backs down its broadcast. While the top of the chain decides on the times and the way in which the public will be able to know all the details that the daughter of the oldest will reveal in 'In the name of Rocío', the Mohedano family has closed ranks once again demonstrating its unbreakable union in the events that have been held this weekend in Chipiona on the occasion of what would have been the 77th birthday of Rocío Jurado.

Gloria and Amador Mohedano, Gloria Camila, Jose Ortega Canor, Rocío and David flores... all together proving that they are still a pineapple and that the information indicating that Rocío Carrasco could have published some intimate writings that would reveal the true relationship that her mother had with her husband and with her brothers, whose image would be seriously damaged, has not affected family harmony in any way.

A thorny subject on which Rocío Flores, 'safe' from the controversy on this occasion - and after having been the great designated, along with her father, in the first part of the documentary series - prefers not to pronounce. Thus, answering with the phrase that has become a mantra for her in recent months - "I have nothing to say" - The influencer makes it clear that she is not going to tell us what she knows about the existence of some intimate writings of her grandmother or if they have spoken in the family about why Rocío Jurado changed her will after discovering that she was ill to favor Rocío Carrasco.

Meanwhile, the Telecinco executives they would be weighing all the details of the documentary to cover their backs. In the pink chronicle of esRadio they have not hesitated to point out that in the offices of the chain everything that is collected in the program would be carefully reviewed to ensure that Ortega Cano and his entourage are not riddled with lawsuits to Telecinco or to those responsible for the new docudrama.

The testimony that dismantles everything that was told in the documentary by Rocío Carrasco

The new documentary about the life of Rocio Carrasco, 'In the name of Rocío', is about to be broadcast and, meanwhile, its protagonists seem to go through an impasse of calm, except for the aforementioned. Although judging by the words of Ana María Aldón, the only one who has spoken about it to clarify that Ortega Cano does not take away the sleep of Telecinco's next bet. Although it should be noted that the versions of the chain's collaborators point precisely to the opposite.

This documentary, which is based on the diaries of Rocío Jurado, promises to turn upside down the versions of her husband and father of her brothers José Fernando and Gloria Camila. Some rumors point to a possible rapprochement between the two, but they are not very well founded.

Against all odds, an unexpected supportor come out in defense of Rocío Carrasco. Is about one of his uncles, Antonio, who speaks for the first time after the broadcast of the documentary that the daughter of Rocío Jurado and although he defends his niece, he attacks the most important pillar of his life: Fidel Albiac.

He granted an interview to the channel Juancavlog in which he did not hesitate to comment on a case that he knows very closely: He is next to his niece ... and Fidel:

"I have known Rocío Carrasco since she was born. It's a shame what was happening to him with Antonio David. Rocío is not like that, their children have been taken away in a bad way, and I hope that all of that will be fixed in time. "


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