Rocío Carrasco – The Province

An archive image of Rocío Carrasco.

We all knew that the audimeters were going to explode on the opening night of the documentary? on Rocío Carrasco. Telecinco he has the ability to turn his media characters into matters of general interest. The point is that 33.3% of viewers, one in three who decided to spend Sunday night watching television, opted for the first installment of this serial. A themed night that, attention, had peaks that exceeded 50% of the audience share. We can literally say that half the country was aware of the tears of Rocío Carrasco.

On this matter audiovisual specialists could write very serious books. For example, qualify the format as “documentary series”. What will what we saw and will see in Telecinco with a documentary series.

That the echo is enormous and the collateral issues it touches are serious, no one doubts it. Even the Minister of Equality made statements as soon as the media noise was unleashed. But let’s not forget the root of the matter. Let’s not forget where Rocío Carrasco and her ex-husband were born, grew up and developed their television career, neither more nor less than that of being famous.

It so happens that that same Sunday night Spanish version premiered the film ‘One more day in the life ‘, based on the novel by the journalist Ryszard Kapu ci ski. A curious combination of animated film and real image that gave way to an interesting discussion with its makers, Raúl de la Fuente and Amaia Remírez. A conversation where they talked about commitment, reporting, journalism, yes.

It goes without saying that both the film and the discussion were followed by just over 1% of viewers. While the “documentary” on the Carrasco swiped Kapu ci ski 33%. Spain.


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