Rocío Carrasco, directly about Rosa Benito: "She is a very actress"

Rocio Carrasco reminisced about his early years Telecinco. The new special of the chain in which the daughter of Dew Sworn returns to the rooms of his house had new objects discovered. In the program, the daughter of the oldest answered many of the questions that were raised and also charged against Rose Benedict.

This week, Amador Mohedano's ex-wife was very angry with Jorge Javier Vazquez for calling her 'Rocío Jurado's widow'. She also criticized Rocío Carrasco for not defending her or correcting her. For this reason, the protagonist of the special wanted to deal with the matter and charge at Benito.

Rocío Jurado's daughter was very clear with her position and spoke of her personal vision: "She was very funny and an actress. I have always known that Rosa from the inside. I know that Rosa is like that, I know that she cries later... very valid for many things, but what seems shameful". "There are so many extremely embarrassing things that have happened that neither she nor anyone else has found embarrassing... It's curious to say the least," sentenced in the special.

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