July 27, 2021

Rochas, Paris, will allocate all the benefits of the book “From Me To You” to help the children of the Anar Foundation

“From Me to You” is a tribute to what remains. It is one of those jewel books to have on the coffee table in the living room and leaf through it again and again. A book of exceptional photographs of thirty five women who speak here of their families. Of family secrets. Of its legends, its landscapes and its aspirations. From the sentimental legacy they inherited and from which they want to inherit their children. And above all, the importance of women in the transmission of all this set of legends, customs and principles that weave the history of families.

Massumeh Abdi And your daughter Nasrinhonorary ambassadors of the Anar Foundation and creators of the luxury cosmetics brand Massumeh, and according to Forbes magazine among the 100 most creative companies in the world, Belen Junco, the deputy director of ¡Hello! , And your daughter Belen Martí Junco, creator of Charhadas, Blanca Domecq, Blanca Entrecanales and her daughter the decorator Marta de la Rica, the Olympic windsurfer Marina Alabau, Ana Carrasco, creator of Malababa; Rosario Domecq , the painter Barbara Pan de Soraluce, Alejandra Rojas, Sonsoles Díez de Rivera, Cristina and Lulu Figueroa, Margarita Ruyra De Andrade and Valentina Suarez Zuloaga, Elizabeth Horcher, Marta Rollado Y Monica Sanchez Navarro They are just some of the women who participate in this wonderful project with a vocation for memory. Women made of other women.

Of that grandmother full of wisdom that tells her “in my time”, Of the mothers, each of his own; and also, of course, of the children, last depositors of a past that makes the future firm. “From me to You” is the story of the traditions that are inherited. Of family secrets. Of its legends, its landscapes and drawers full of stories. It is the story of the important, of what endures, of what unites families with a thread that goes through time. And of the perfumes that pull that thread, like Eau de Rochas, present in so many generations of women and promoter of this book. The affinity of the iconic perfume with this project is unquestionable. It was the first colony water created specifically for women under the baton of Hélène Rochas and for years it has passed from mothers to daughters marking an era. That is why the brand has decided to join and support the production of this Table Book, turning it into a project with solidarity purposes.

The benefits of From ”Me to You” will go entirely to the Anar Foundation, dedicated to the promotion and defense of the rights of children and adolescents in situations of risk and helplessness. ANAR Foundation “From Fundación ANAR (Help to Children and Adolescents at Risk) they have been helping children and adolescents in Spain for 49 years. They are a non-profit organization that, through the ANAR Telephone and its different help lines, immediately offer psychological, social and legal assistance to minors and families with problems or at risk. It is a free and confidential service that operates throughout the national territory 24 hours a day and throughout the year, highly specialized. Each day, they receive an average of 1,200 calls and, of these, between three and four cases, due to their seriousness, require an urgent intervention by police or civil guard.

In addition, they have programs in schools, foster homes and the ANAR Center for Studies and Research on Children and Adolescents. ANAR is also present in Latin America: in Colombia with Shelters and in Peru with the ANAR Telephone. They believe in a world in which all children and adolescents have the right to have their voices heard about life situations that affect them and whenever their rights are violated. ” Written by Casilda Sanchez Vareladaughter of Paco de Lucía, with photographs of Esi Seilern and the artistic direction of Marieta Yanguas , “From me to you” (Limited Edition- € 50) will be on sale in December in www.ihelp.org.es: FROMMETOYOU. IHELP.ORG.ES


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