Rocasa says goodbye to the season with a defeat at home against Bera Bera (27-33)

Rocasa always fought the match until finally succumbing. / C7

A 0-6 run in the second half led the Teldenses to give in to the Basque team

Farewell and closing day at the Antonio Moreno.
Rocasa Gran Canaria could not get the victory against Super Amara Bera Bera in an even match in which a Basque partial in the second half was decisive. Those of Robert Cuesta did not lower their arms and fought to close the gap, but in the end they did not succeed.

The start of the game was even, but with a lot of scoring pace. Super Amara Bera Bera made a minimal income prevail in those first moments. However, the yellows were working well defensively and Silvia Navarro gave a lot of security in goal. After 5 somewhat frenetic minutes, the goalkeepers emerged as protagonists. Nonetheless,
the speed of both teams increased again and the goals fell for the 2 sides (8-9).

A shot by Esther de Miguel that went off the crossbar was a warning that ended up being a reality. The Rocksa Gran Canaria
returned the partial 2-0 and matched the contest (13-13). The best retreat of the islanders and the great performance of Silvia Navarro were key. After the tie, an exclusion by Alba Spugnini made the island chase a bit uphill, although Katarina Pavlovic was in charge of minimizing the damage with two shots from long range.

Without a doubt, Antonio Moreno was enjoying a high-class match, very even and with many goals. With this scenario, the break came and Super Amara Bera Bera stood firm to continue with a minimal lead (16-17).

Imanol Álvarez's girls began to find better sensations and went straight to try to recover their advantage. In fact, they succeeded and went with everything until they regained the advantage, although Rocasa did not want to wait to return the coin. In those moments of
a lot of equality, a bad fall by María Gomes stopped the game. The Andalusian had to be treated and went to the bench. On the other hand, María González suffered a blow to the face for which she also had to receive medical attention. It was quite a bumpy few minutes on the track.

After those moments that stopped the
momentum of both teams, Bera Bera managed to come out somewhat stronger thanks to his greater offensive success (24-26). Robert Cuesta decided to stop it with a timeout, since the exclusion of Manu Pizzo complicated the situation a bit. Just at that moment, the islanders ran out of offensive gunpowder and the Basques took advantage of the situation to lengthen a quarter that gave them the maximum advantage of the match with less than 7 minutes to go (24-29).

Despite a great insular reaction with a very fast 2-0 run after timeout, Bera Bera held her own to claim the victory and 2 points. In this way, Rocasa Gran Canaria ended the 2021-22 season as third classified, but with the great success of being champions of the EHF European Cup. Today they fought until the end to try to finish with a victory, although
the visitor's success at one point in the second half was key (27-33).

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