Rocasa returns to a European final

The Canarian club returns to a European final. / ROCKY

The women's team from Teldense manages to overcome the adverse score of the first leg

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The dream continues. Rocasa Gran Canaria beat a tough HC Galychanka Lviv to extend their legend and qualify for the final of the EHF European Cup. The island team was able to turn around the adverse score of the first leg and in a magical second half they culminated a feat that It gives them a ticket to continue dreaming.
Robert Cuesta's men will meet in the grand final against Costa del Sol Málaga.

The concentration of the Teldenses at the beginning of the game gave them the opportunity to put land in the middle quickly. María Gomes and Mela Falcón opened a gap and gap helped by a very accurate Silvia Navarro (2-0). However, the game was leveling with the passing of the minutes. Galychanka toughened up their defense and also found their way to goal, so the feeling was similar to that of the first game in the Czech town of Hódonin last Saturday.

The numerical inferiorities of the Ukrainians gave Rocasa the option of taking over the match a little more, something in which Kata Pavlovic excelled by adding 3 goals in a row that extended the advantage a little more (6-2). Vitaly Andronov's team continued to fight despite everything, always trying to stay close to the Gran Canaria team. Thanks to a 0-2 run, they closed the gap again after a new stretch by Robert Cuesta's men. Still, the domain was insular.

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However, Galychanka was always able to withstand the onslaught of the Canary Islands and their goalscoring rhythm did not drop. In this way, also boosted by that reinforced concrete defense, they put a Rocasa in trouble who, at various times, had a hard time finding holes to score. From there, the two teams entered into a high-tension goal exchange as the result of the first leg had been too short. Each error was paid dearly (13-12).

In the final stretch of the first half, Rocasa found the key again and moved away on the scoreboard to take a breather. Despite everything, the Ukrainians continued to stick together and anything could happen in the second half. There was still to play (18-15).

At the end of the first half and the beginning of the second, Rocasa did not finish taking advantage of the double numerical inferiority of a Galychanka that, with less, pressed more. It was clear that it was not going to be an easy game, but
the islanders did their part to find their way to the final. Mela Falcón with two great goals then gave the Teldenses the maximum advantage of the match after a few first minutes with some doubt. The strength of the locals was noted (21-16).

A great defense by Rocasa then ended in a counter that Mela Falcón, who was very connected, converted to continue lengthening, now, the good feelings of Robert Cuesta's. The starting partial of this second half reached 5-1 and the Teldenses flew over the track, marking distances and being able to be quite comfortable. The offensive fluidity paid off and Rocasa was playing at a very high level. Andronov had to stop him (25-17).

The good harmony on both sides of the track was more than evident. The moment of inspiration had arrived for the Canary Islands and they knew how to take advantage of it. The Galychanka was half knocked out, as if it were a boxing match, and now it was difficult for him to react with all the law. Even so, the Ukrainians did not give up and fought to get into the game thanks to a good run (27-21), so not everything was said and Rocasa could not stop paddling in search of the final.

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Robert Cuesta was forced to call a timeout because Galychanka was already going all out. Despite the fact that the islanders were able to stop the offensive flow of their rival, now it was again difficult for them to see the goal. The minutes passed in their favor, yes, but a goal was necessary to be calmer, since they needed to win by two goals or more to pass the tie. And Kata Pavlovic broke the streak (28-22).

Once the Teldenses met again, they returned to control the situation a little more. The game was even again, but the income was good and it was a confidence cushion. In addition, Silvia Navarro was being a wall for the Ukrainians and Alba Spugnini assumed the scoring responsibility. From then on, the fire of the visitors was extinguished because the Rocasa did not allow more concessions and the victory would not fly far from the islands. The final was already something more than a simple reality.

In this way, the Canarian team closed the game with ease to extend their legend and relive a European final, the fourth in their history, after beating a Galychanka who fought with pride. The Ukrainians did not give up and fought until the end, but the mystique of this Rocasa is still present and they will meet again with history. Costa del Sol Málaga awaits and awaits glory (34-27).

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