September 25, 2020

Rocasa raises the league curtain in Valencia – La Provincia

Valencia is the first station for the Rocasa Gran Canaria in the Guerreras Iberdrola League for women’s handball of the new normal. The OVNI Pavilion hosts today (7:00 p.m.) the league premiere of the Teldense team on the opening day of the league competition. His rival, the newly promoted BM Morvedre.

Saguntinas and Gran Canaria are framed in group B in the first phase of the tournament. The match will be played with the presence of the public in the stands, with a maximum of 300 fans and complying with the safety and hygiene protocol set by the Spanish Federation, as the Queen’s Cup was recently played in Malaga.

Precisely, Rocasa will try to get rid of the bad taste in his mouth that last week’s cup match left him, when he fell in the quarterfinals against the host, Rincón Fertilidad Málaga, who ultimately took the title.

The Teldense squad travels to Levantine territory without the presence of the injured Adriana Marksteiner, Paula Valdivia and María Gomes. The island team must do their best to defeat a BM Morvedre who is back in the top flight after a season in the silver category. In that past course, he was intractable, achieving an immaculate balance of 23 wins and no losses, competing in group C.

Carlos Herrera, Rocas coach, looks at his squad with confidence ahead of their debut in the Iberdrola Guerreras League 2020-21: “The team arrives well within the conditions we are in. We hope to be a little better than in the Copa de the Queen, who we went to tired and without much training. I think we arrived well, in conditions to get a good result “.

“I expect a game with a good defense, very structured. The opponent’s coach has everything studied very well. I think it will be a team that runs, because Montse’s teams run a lot with the ball. We have to be prepared, even if it’s a recently promoted. They have good players, they are veterans. They played in the category of silver last year, but they come from the Division of Honor, so we expect a competitive match, “says the coach.

Silvia and Sayna, selected

In another vein, Silvia Navarro and Sayna Mbengue, Rocasa players, are among the 17 selected by the technical area of ​​the Spanish Federation, led by coach Carlos Viver who is seconded by José Ignacio Prades, to form part of the Group WCH 2021 target.

Especially noteworthy is the return of Sayna Mbengue, who is back after overcoming her knee injury that left her away from the playing courts during the last year. Both she and the goalkeeper Silvia Navarro, as well as the rest of the expedition, must comply with the sanitary protocol established for national teams that has been established by the Federation itself and that will be sent to them in the coming days.

The players are scheduled next Sunday in Barcelona, ​​where they will remain until Saturday 26, being the Palau D ‘Esports from Granollers the chosen setting for the group to carry out the training sessions.


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