June 21, 2021

Rocasa defeats Salud and wins the Government Cup of the Canary Islands – La Provincia

The Antonio Moreno Island Pavilion hosted this Wednesday the anticipated final of the eleventh edition of the Canary Islands Government Cup and the Rocasa Gran Canaria He revalidated the title by winning over Salud Tenerife (32-25).

The hosts were able to enjoy the presence of Sayna Mbengue on the track, already recovered from her knee injury, but not of María Gomes and Iara Grosso, who joined Paula Valdivia in the casualty chapter.

Salud took advantage of the first possession of the match to break the initial draw with a goal from Cazanga, while errors in the launch punished the Teldense team.

However, Silvia Navarro appeared soon to stop several heads-up and keep Rocasa in the pulse for the match, although the foreigners were in charge at the start with goals from María Zaldúa and Elena Martínez (1-3, minute 5).

The locals began to minimize errors and goals from Misuki Hosoe, Lisandra Lussón and another from Melania gave the first advantage (4-3, minute 7).

Equality was maintained until the part-time 5-6, when Sayna returned to the court and Navarro starred in high-level stops for a more comfortable Rocasa and, after 10-7 (minute 19), Salud did not command again in the electronic .

As in previous preseason games, the last minutes of the first half were played by a large majority of substitute players, but the intensity did not drop and the score at halftime was 14-10, after a visiting goal from Martínez.

Rocasa gave the sensation of being physically better than their rival in the second half and took advantage of their options against it with more success.

Ana Belén Palomino gave Silvia rest also stopping several actions of Health and the party was sentenced in minute 40 (21-16). The moments served to give prominence to the quarry with Inés Sánchez, Silke Suárez and Susana Martín.

Data sheet

32. Rocasa Gran Canaria: Silvia Navarro, Melania Falcón (2), Arinegua Pérez (6), Lisandra Lussón (3), Alba Spugnini (3), Mizuki Hosoe (1), Haridian Rodríguez (8) -starting team- Ana Belén Palomino, Nerea Guerra (1), María González, Tiddara Trajaola (2), Rosana Montesdeoca (1), Andrea Suárez, Sayna Mbengue (2), Silke Suárez (2), Susana Martín (1), Inés Sánchez and Yuli Quevedo.

Coach: Roberto Santana.

25. Tenerife Health Handball: Irene Sánchez, María Zaldúa (2), Magda Cazanga (2), Elena Martínez (5), Andrea Alonso, Rebeca López (2) and Alma Jaén (3) -starting team- Stephania Oliveria (2) , María Sánchez, Eva Marquez (3), Agustina Jaén (3), Andrea Loscos (1) and Joana Da Costa (1).

Coach: Octavio Pérez-

Partials every five minutes: 1-2, 5-6, 8-6, 10-7, 12-7 and 14-10, rest; and 16-13, 21-15, 22-17, 25-29, 29-21 and 32-25.

Referees: Víctor Navarro Baquero and Nandi Espino.

Incidents: Antonio Moreno Island Pavilion. Match corresponding to the fifth day of the XI Government Cup of the Canary Islands.


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