July 8, 2020

Rocasa assaults Valladolid in his league debut – La Provincia

Classroom: Carmen Sanz; Elba Álvarez (4), Bea Puertas (3), Iara Grosso (3), María González, Ángela Nieto (3), Lourdes Guerra, Agustina López (1), Cristina Cifuentes, Joana Bolling, Teresa Álvarez (1), Sara Moles (1), Yunisleidy Camejo (4), Elena Cuadrado, Ana Viloria and Rafaela Taide.

Rocasa: Silvia Navarro; Melania Falcón (1), Arinegua Pérez (2), Paula Valdivia (3), Lisandra Lussón (5), Alba Spugnini (1), Haridian Rodríguez (9), Katarina Tanaskovic (2) María González (2), Kinga Gutkowska and Ana Palomino

Partial: 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 8-11, 10-11, 13-14, rest, 14-17, 14-17, 15-20, 18-23, 19-25 and 20-26, final.

Referee: Jose Manuel Iniesta and Alberto García. They reprimanded the locals Baetriz Puertas (once), Agustina López (once), Cristina Cifuentes (twice) and Elena Cuadrado (once); and visitors Lisandra Lusson (once), María González (once) and Alba Spugnini (twice).

The current champion was able to put aside the fatigue from the accumulation of games and the loss of Sayna Mbengue to add a very important victory against the Food Classroom of Valladolid (20-26). Haridian Rodríguez, with 9 goals, was the main offensive reference for Carlos Herrera's players.

Pucelanas and Teldenses debuted yesterday at the Huerta del Rey Pavilion in Valladolid in the postponed match of the first day of the Iberdrola Warrior League, in which visitors began defending the title achieved last year.

Two early Haridian Rodriguez served to inaugurate the electronic Huerta del Rey in favor of Rocasa. Even so, the Teldenses were somewhat thick in attack, allowing the pucelanas to remain effective before the goal of Silvia Navarro with the success of Iara Grosso and Ángela Nieto.

The Rocasa tried to open the gap in the scoreboard, with unstoppable Haridian Rodriguez in the goal, reaching up to 3 goals over the Valladolid, which based on thrust managed to cut differences. The locals arrived at the equator of the clash with a disadvantage of a single goal (13-14), thanks in part to the great work under Silvia sticks.

The break seemed to sit a thousand wonders to the Grancanarias, who in the blink of an eye in two cons of Paula Valdivia saw their difference swell by two more that seemed to freeze the spirits of the local parish.

The Classroom tried to react after the goal of Beatriz Puertas, but the visitors returned to the load with 4 consecutive goals, 3 of them with the signature of Lisandra Lussón, who practically left the game seen for sentencing. The interventions of Silvia Navarro, which cleared everything humanly parable from its goal, allowed Rocasa to stay ahead on the scoreboard throughout the second half.

The insulars maintained full and complete control of the game, somewhat slowing down the accumulation of matches and the low turnover available yesterday Carlos Herrera, thinking about the derby on Sunday with Tenerife Health, which took advantage of the premises to add some more in your locker. The Teldenses reacted at the end and added their first win of the season by a clear 20-26.

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