August 12, 2020

Rocasa acts as leader – La Provincia

Mecalia Atlético Guardés: Carratú, Doiro (2), Méndez, Buforn (3), Egozcue (3), Bravo (1) and Sempere (5). They also played Perez (1), Kurchankova (3), Victoria (2) and Carla.

Rocasa Gran Canaria: Silvia Navarro, Lisandra Lussón (4), Haridian Rguez (1), Melania Falcón (8), María González, Manuela Pizzo (4) and Tiddara Trojaola (2). They also played Sayna Mbengue (6), Schuster (1) and Dara Hernández.

Partial: 1-3, 3-6, 6-7, 7-8, 9-10, 10-11, rest, 11-14, 13-16, 14-19, 15-22, 18-24 and 20-26.

Referees: Jesús Álvarez and José Carlos Friera. Excluded by the locals Africa Sempere (1), Lorena Pérez (1) and Carla Gómez (1); and by the visitors to Tiddara Trojaola (1) and María González (1).

Incidents: Iberdrola Warriors League match played in Pabellón A Sangriña, in A Guarda (Pontevedra), before some 400 spectators.

The Rocasa Gran Canaria reaffirms his leadership in the Iberdrola Warriors League by claiming the victory in the complicated Pabellón de A Sangriña (20-26). The Teldense squad did not fail against Mecalia Atletico Guardés and scored a valuable victory in the face of their goal of obtaining the league title for the first time when only four games remain for the final.

The performance of Melania Falcón, top scorer of the contest with eight goals, and Seynabou Mbengue was decisive in the triumph of the yellow The performance of Melania Falcon, top scorer of the contest with eight goals, and Seynabou Mbengue were decisive in the triumph of the yellows, who imposed their dominion from beginning to end.

The Cuban Lisandra Lussón was in charge of opening the electronic. Then, in the exchange of blows, Melania Falcon appeared, with two goals, to respond to the Galician attacks (2-3).

The Rocasa began to impose its dominance on the parquet floor of the Pontevedra, and the goalkeeper Silvia Navarro was beginning to show signs of its strength. Fruit of it, on the edge of minute ten, the teldenses already won by three goals of difference (3-6).

The Galician side recovered with goals from Naiara Egozcue and Sara Bravo, but a new action by the dizzy Lisandra Lussón (5-7) forced the local coach to request the first time out of the crash. After the pause, both squads found it difficult to overcome the good defensive gear of their rival.

Rocasa faced the last eight minutes of the first half with two goals of advantage, reaching the break with one up on the scoreboard (10-11). In the resumption, the members indicated the consecutive exclusions of the premises Carla Gómez and Africa Sempere, which took advantage of his rival to extend his advantage (11-14).

The home team tried to prevent the teldense squad from breaking the game, but the yellow kept the distance (13-17). Seynabou Mbengue took the baton to establish another maximum difference (13-18). After the quarter of an hour of the second half, the visitors showed their best level to sign an important victory in their goal to achieve the title (20-26). Now, for the final of the EHF Challenge Cup.


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