Roca says that “nothing justifies” what he did and apologizes to Cristina Andreu

The president of Audiovisual Plural de Canarias, Luis Roca, has recognized this Friday that “nothing justifies” that he hit the jury of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Film Festival Cristina Andreu, from whom he asks “publicly sorry”, because he regrets ” deeply what happened “.

Luis Roca declared yesterday, Thursday, guilty of a minor crime of mistreated work before Court number 7 of the capital of Gran Canaria in the speedy trial in which what happened was examined and accepted the proposed sentence: 300 euros fine and 30 euros compensation.

One day after the oral hearing, he released a statement in which he made his apologies public, but also asked that the scope of the events not be exaggerated.

“Nothing justifies what I did in a moment of outburst, even though it was much less than what the other party wanted to make believe through a brutal media arsenal against me, exaggerating the facts and even missing the truth,” he says. .

Roca claims to have been the target of “statements in the press and social networks that did not conform to reality, and that even today, with a firm sentence, they continue to be published.”

“In particular, there continues to be an obvious exaggeration of what happened and there is talk of alleged injuries that have not occurred in any way. I refer to the content of the sentence itself and, especially, to the medical part of the Canary Health Service, provided by the complainant herself at the police station, where it is clearly stated that no injury was observed, “he explains.

In any case, he emphasizes that he cannot and should not “justify” his conduct that day, of which he says he is “deeply sorry”, although he adds that “it was the result of an encounter between four people, after two years in the that defamatory and threatening acts have been taking place “against the honor of his wife.

“It is my desire and duty to publicly apologize to Mrs. Cristina Andreu Cuevas. But this is not an obstacle for her to openly disagree with the account of events that has been given in the media and that in no way corresponds to what happened, nor with the agreement reached by the parties in court, “he says.

Luis Roca remarks that “as the sentence itself shows, it is not at all an episode of sexist or gender violence”, so he rejects being described as “abuser” or “sexist” in messages on the networks social media and publications that you believe damage your reputation and cause “pain” to your family.

“I am grateful for the speed with which the Justice has acted and that sentence has been handed down in less than a week, for the enormous damage that the misrepresentation of what happened has been causing me,” he says.

“And I must also add that I appreciate the actions of all the parties in court, where the events were qualified and punished according to what really happened, resulting in the lowest sentence of those provided for in the Penal Code for this type of act. “, he concludes. EFE


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