March 8, 2021

Roca Rey, an injured shoulder as mitigation | Culture


Bulls Jandilla, well presented, cornalona and very astifina, meek, noble and bland; The third one stood out for its quality.

Diego Urdiales: puncture, crossed thrust _aviso_ and three descabellos (ovation); half thrust (silence).

Sebastián Castella: puncture, half lying and low _aviso_ and a descabello (silence); rear lunge (ear).

Rock King: deep puncture _aviso_ ten descabellos _second warning_ and a descabello (silence); puncture, half thrust and three phantoms (ovation).

Square of Pamplona. July 10th. Fourth run of San Fermín. Full.


Rock King He is sure of success, and it seems that he has taken the measure to the sunbeams of Pamplona, ​​who are looking for an idol after the retreat of Padilla.

He is sure of success, but yesterday he heard two notices in his first and gave a rally with the descabello, although the mitigating is that he suffered from an injury to the right shoulder, which is not yet recovered.

It was that third bull the best of the afternoon, which he did not allow to be stung, and went to the crutch with greed, fixity and humiliation. He started Roca on his knees, to please his audience, and on his knees he placed himself twice more, on a rear windlass, and in a final exhaustion. Hypnotized the sun, but highlighted the bull, fixed on the crutch, on the bullfighter, more eager to please his followers. If he kills well, he walks the two ears, but it was evident that he had no strength in his right arm. He tried really before the sixth, with tight passes changed at the beginning of the crutch, but the bull had no class, and preferred to abbreviate. In short, the news is that Roca Rey walked, and not on the shoulders, of the square for the first time in his career.

Diego Urdiales is synonymous with bullfighting, and that quality was noticed in the initial veronicas to his first, in the chicuelinas step to take the bull to the horse and in a remove for aprons. With the crutch, bullfighting, too, but less. His opponent developed a noble nobility, but he was not a lane bull or a fool. And that Urdiales knew since he took the deception; so much so that he quoted him detached and distrustful, and the muletazos with the right hand sprouted without the expected depth. There was one, yes, long and temperate, but only one. And the task was not brilliant, perhaps a patch on that same hand, but below the conditions of the animal. Bullfighting always, but with different levels.

The room had a very, very offensive face, with very long and astifinal pythons; If they frightened from a distance, it is easy to imagine what they would transmit in the vicinity. And Urdiales, then, forgot the bullfight and preferred to be alert to the dangerous danger. He was lucky because the bull lacked the minimum quality required, which served as sufficient justification for the bullfighter's elusive attitude. He killed him quickly and saved an unnecessary prolongation of the startle.

Sebastián Castellla He cut an ear, but the foundations of all his work with cloak and crutch was superficial, advantageous and forgettable. It is true that his first was a dull and rough bull, so it could be accepted that his effort was not waste. But the fifth moved, with nobility and acceptable route, and Castella was not able, despite his stillness, -meritorious his two passes changed in the back, to interest in the depth of his bullfighting. Many passes, yes, but almost nothing to remember. But as he killed effectively, they granted him an ear and they asked him for the second! …

The bullfight on Thursday

Bulls of Victoriano del Río for Antonio Ferrera, El Juli and Pablo Aguado.

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