Robotics and virtual reality are the focus of the ONCE School of Physiotherapy Conference

Robotics, virtual reality, biomechanical movement analysis and applications and video games focused on the assessment and treatment of neurological, geriatric, chronic pain or musculoskeletal patients are the subjects that will be discussed in the 31st edition of the Conference of the ONCE University School of Physiotherapy, which will be held next March 5 and 6 in Webinar format –online–, and will bring together national and international experts.

The speakers include Danielle Levac, Jan Dommerholt, Ángel Gil, Josué Fernández, Roberto Cano de la Cuerda, Pablo Herrero, Antonio Cuesta and Rosa María Ortiz. Likewise, some of the topics that will be put on the table will be the use of exoskeletons in patients with spinal cord injury; movement analysis as a clinical and diagnostic tool; biomechanical technologies; the application of technology and big data for personalized diagnosis and treatment in physiotherapy; or the use of virtual reality.

Thus, March 5 will be marked by presentations such as The use of exoskeleton in the reeducation of the gait of the patient with spinal cord injury; Low-cost robotic exoskeletons for rehabilitation; o Virtual reality in the stroke patient. Scientific evidence and clinical applications in Physiotherapy.

The event will be accessible to all professionals in the sector

For its part, among the conferences on the second day, the following stand out: The application of Physiotherapy through new technologies in neck pain; Mobile applications in neurorehabilitation; o Digital physiotherapy vs telephone therapy, the Covid-19 accelerated the Physiotherapy of the XXI century.

The conference will be fully accessible to all professionals in the sector, including blind physiotherapists. This new edition of the initiative, whose registration period is still open on the web, is sponsored by Agupunt, a company founded in Barcelona in 1982, being the first Spanish company to provide acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine products, and becoming in 2019 in the leading entity in the sector. Since 2008, Agupunt has invested resources to develop specific needles for physical therapy, specifically dry needling.

The registration period for those interested remains open on the website

The ONCE University School of Physiotherapy was founded in 1964 and depends academically on the Autonomous University of Madrid. It is aimed at blind and partially sighted students, although there is also room in Postgraduate courses for physiotherapists not affiliated with the Organization. In addition, through an agreement with the Portuguese blind association (Acapo), the ONCE annually enables a scholarship for blind students from the Portuguese country. The subsequent index of occupational occupation among its students is close to 100%.

During all this time, the School has been concerned with promoting initiatives to facilitate a professional outlet and a path to entrepreneurship for the physiotherapists who have been trained in it.

In fact, ONCE created in 1997 the Revitass clinics, currently Ilunion Fisioterapia y Salud, which are a benchmark in the inclusion of people with visual impairment in this sector.


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