Robles sees "staging" in the demands of ERC and PDeCAT to support PGE

Robles sees "staging" in the demands of ERC and PDeCAT to support PGE

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has considered today that there may be some "staging" in the demands of ERC and PDeCAT to support budgets, because they "know perfectly" that the independence of the Judiciary is a democratic requirement that the Government will respect.

Robles has rejected in an interview in the SER the possibility that the Government is going to put pressure on the Prosecutor's Office to withdraw the charges against those imprisoned on October 1, as the pro-independence supporters are asking to support the general budgets of the State for next year. .

He stressed that "in no case" the executive can make any kind of "hint" to the court and stressed that both ERC and the PDeCAT know, as acknowledged last night on the same chain the PDeCAT spokesman in Congress, Carles Campuzano .

The deputy said that the Government can not be required to influence the Prosecutor's Office in the judicial process against the pro-independence leaders as a condition to approve the budgets. "You should not put a condition like this," he admitted.

"What Carles Campuzano says is what it is," stressed the minister today, who has insisted that the Prosecutor's Office is autonomous in its operation and that the independence demand "is not only not possible constitutionally, but also in no case judicial power would make case ".

He has asked that the Judicial Branch be allowed to act calmly and without pressure and has said that it is difficult for him to understand that ERC and PDeCAT, parties "with clear progressive sensibility", will not support public accounts with a "very important social content". .

Robles has also defended the "rigor" and "prudence" of the budgets forwarded by the Government to Brussels on Monday.


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