October 29, 2020

Robles says that the Government "completely ignores" the meaning of the sentence of the process

"The Government completely ignores where the sentence is going to go. I respect everyone's opinions, it is not yet known and until the sentence is notified we will not know," said the head of Defense in an RNE interview , collected by Europa Press.

Robles has wanted to value the "impeccable" way in which the trial has taken place and has ensured that the process has revealed the independence of the judiciary.

Therefore, he stressed that the sentence may not be shared but must be "respected and respected." "The call to civil disobedience and incitement to violence is unacceptable," he said, censoring the attitude of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, who has defended disobedience in the case of a conviction.

"If they are not shared, they are legally appealed," Robles said, stressing that it is a matter of "minimal democratic approach." At the same time, about the controversy over the speech of the head of the Civil Guard of Catalonia, Pedro Garrido, the socialist leader has avoided valuing his criticism of Major Josep Lluis Trapero and has preferred to vindicate the work of the Civil Guard and its 75,000 agents " delivered. "

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