Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Robles rules out tensions with Airbus for Indra role in fighter plane

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has valued this Thursday that the Indra company coordinates the Spanish participation in the future European air combat platform (FCAS) and has ruled out that this "technical" decision causes tensions with the European aerospace group Airbus.

"The really important thing is that Spain, together with France and Germany, are going to be the ones leading this fighter plane, which represents an essential and fundamental qualitative leap for the defense industry in Europe and in Spain," he has asked questions of journalists.

Robles, who has attended this afternoon in the Sevillian town of El Rubio to the dismantling of a military bridge, erected after last year's floods, has added that Indra "will work together with many other companies", among which he has highlighted Airbus, whose participation in this project has qualified as "essential".

He stressed that Spain "takes a giant step in defense Europe" with its participation in this project, in whose development the Spanish Government has already committed an initial participation of 151 million euros.

He revealed that yesterday, Wednesday, he met in Paris with the French Minister of Defense, with whom he analyzed, among other issues, the development of the FCAS project.

"Spain is going to become an industrial power in the field of defense with the FCAS, which is not a matter of a single company, but of many companies and is a matter of country," he stressed.

Asked about the discomfort expressed by Airbus executives after not having chosen this consortium as coordinator of the Spanish participation in the FCAS project, she has said she feels "safe" that "there is no discomfort".

"When there are such important projects, not only for Spain, but for Europe, all the companies with the solvency, prestige and importance of Airbus, which will have a very important role, will work together," he concluded.

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