Robles praises the request of the Mena Brotherhood, whose invitation declined

Robles praises the request of the Mena Brotherhood, whose invitation declined

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, praised on Saturday the request of the Brotherhood of the Good Death of Malaga to politicians so that they do not attend this Holy Thursday to transfer the Christ of the Good Death, which declined to attend at the time after be invited

The also candidate for the PSOE Congress for the province of Avila has told reporters that the decision adopted by the Brotherhood asking Pablo Casado (PP), Albert Rivera (Cs) and Santiago Abascal (Vox) not to attend the event "Correct and timely".

Robles has indicated that he personally called the brother of the Brotherhood to "thank him for his invitation" as Minister of Defense, at the same time that he transferred his decision not to attend because in the judgment "you could not mix politics with religion."

"We saw with surprise and I with some discomfort, how the candidates of the PP, Cs and Vox wanted to use, as they always do, even the traditions and religion in a political key and from that point of view, there is nothing more rejectable, which is worth everything and want and want to use until Easter to do politics, "Robles has argued.

After noting that the decision of the Brotherhood seems "timely" and "correct", since in his opinion "is not worth everything" and it is about "respecting the religious traditions, the Holy Week of Malaga and the Lion".

In this regard, he pointed out that "those who do not have a political program, have to hold on to anything, including the traditions of Holy Week."

After receiving the invitation of the Brotherhood to assist the transfer of the Christ of Mena, Margarita Robles said that "the respect" they deserve "Holy Week, traditions, culture and the Legion itself", made it decline to attend.

"Never this Government, nor I as Minister of Defense, we will use neither religion, nor the Armed Forces in a partisan key," Robles concluded.


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