March 2, 2021

Robleño, Ritter and Juan Ortega, August 15 poster in Las Ventas | Culture

The right-handed Fernando Robleño, Sebastián Ritter and Juan Ortega make up the poster of August 15 in Las Ventas, in the traditional celebration of the Virgen de la Paloma. In addition to this celebration, in which bulls from Martín Lorca will be dealt with, the August bullfighting program in the first place in the world is completed with four chopped bullfights with a clear Torista accent and in which up to eight bullfighters will make their debut.

Javier Montalvo, Carlos Aranda, Mexican José María Hermosillo, French Maxime Solera and Carlos Olsina, Francisco Montero, José Cabrera and Daniel Barbero will perform in Madrid; and among the irons that will be dealt with, Dolores Aguirre, Saltillo and Los Maños stand out.

The posters are as follows:

Sunday, August 11. Javier Montalvo, Carlos Aranda and Carlos Olsina (steers of La Guadamilla).

Thursday, 15. Run. Fernando Robleño, Sebastián Ritter and Juan Ortega (bulls by Martín Lorca).

Sunday, 18. Mario Sotos, Maxime Solera and José María Hermosillo (steers of Dolores Aguirre).

Sunday, 25. Alberto Pozo, Alejandro Conquero and Francisco Montero (Saltillo steers).

Sunday, September 1. José Cabrera, Jorge Isiegas and Daniel Barbero (steers of Los Maños).

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