January 25, 2021

Roberto Torres: "The Auditorio de Jameos, with its strength, to be a character more than Sweet Beasts" – La Provincia

The Auditorium of Jameos del Agua welcomes next April 20, within the dance Festival that bears his name, a very special proposal, 'Sweet Beasts', a work that has been awarded with Five Replica Awards of the Performing Arts of the Canary Islands in 2018, and that has been cataloged as the best show of the year according to these awards.

This scenic proposal joins the talent of the same show director and choreographer, Roberto Torres, with the music of Samuel Aguilar from Lanzarote, the creativity of Yaiza Pinillos, responsible for the costumes, the lighting of Grace Morales and the talent of the beasts themselves, that is, the dancers Paula Quintana, Daniel Morales and Paloma Hurtado. This 'totum revolutum' of talent, developed in a scenario like that of Jameos del Agua, It can only become an art splattered with not a few doses of magic and symbolism.

The proposal comes from the hand of the company that launched Roberto Torres himself, 'Nomad' in 2000 and that, after functioning for many years as such, was paralyzed by the crisis and is satisfied, again and again , to give life to great projects like this one.

Animals versus humans

'Sweet Beasts' is a very reflexive proposal that tries to analyze the animality of human beings, his heritage and his weight on us. "I've always been fascinated by the animal world, that's not new, in fact, I started studying veterinary medicine, I've competed as a rider for many years and I've made many trips to Africa during the last years, I love animals and it intrigues me a lot the relationship that man has with nature, horoscopes, hierarchies, even our own language in which we compare ourselves with lions, with foxes, sheep or with the same ants, nature is part of us to a point that even we are clear, "explains the director.

"Men have always dreamed of flying like birds, running like greyhounds, we speak of working men like ants or lazy like cicadas € However, when the human being becomes 'possessor' of nature, somehow disappears, it loses part of its humanity that only recovers when it is integrated into it as an animal and that is something dramatic, "says Torres.

The choreographer of Sweet Beasts assures that the show does not speak of a single theme. "There are many things that the work proposes and each viewer will interpret them in a different way: I tell a story in which three animals are the protagonists, a deer, a fish and an owl, and from there a relationship arises They begin as animals and, little by little, they are stripped of their skins, their animal costumes and they are transformed into men, but they are still animals, after all, we try to tell how each one receives the call of his animal There is romanticism, violence and sensuality, as in life, "he stresses.

Many protagonists for a well integrated work

In 'Sweet Beasts' the music of Samuel Aguilar is another protagonist, it guides you through history, it removes you and takes you to different places. "Music takes you to violent sequences or moments of extreme vulnerability, it's as important as Yaiza's wardrobe or Grace's lighting, each facet is part of the final story we try to tell," he says. "And of course, the dancers who are extraordinary and very generous. All the prizes we have received are due to the genius and the delivery of all of them. I have a team of creators that manages to convey to the viewer all kinds of emotions. "

Because not everyone leaves to see this work with the same impressions. "Some people have reached reflective conclusions, others have only enjoyed aesthetics, music, visuality and symbology € not everyone understands the same, and we do not want it either. We are looking for people to give something, to remove it inside, that makes him feel emotions, "says Torres." Fortunately, the language of dance is universal and can transmit without any help all kinds of feelings, regardless of our pretensions. The dance speaks for itself. "

In this animal jungle, the stage is another character. "The Jameos del Agua Auditorium is unique, can not go unnoticed ever. I've already danced there, a long time ago and I think it's a stage with incredible strength, "he explains." I knew that Jameos's strength was going to bring his own magic, taking the viewer out of reality and the dancers themselves. I am convinced that the show next April 20 it's going to be unique. "


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