Robert Moreno's message to Luis Enrique?

He received an award and left an enigmatic message

The former coach Robert Moreno left an enigmatic message in the delivery of the Sport awards, which may well be addressed to Luis Enrique: "" Finally, I want to remember the people who have been next to me, especially my team of work, which has been helping me a lot these days, and my family. Thank you very much and I want to end with a Seneca phrase: ‘It's nice to be important, but more important is to be nice,’ ” said to close his speech

Robert Moreno talked about the importance of the group: In a collective sport receiving this type of awards is a great pride. You I would say that for me, values ​​and principles are like what we call the game model or philosophy. They help you in good times, but especially in bad times. You have something to hold on to, you have something to look at. ”

And he recounted his ability to improve himself: “Recently, a teacher from my old school invited me to give a talk to the kids who had to decide on their future. This happened before I was a coach, I accepted and told them to pursue the passions. One of the things I said is that I am a “no” specialist: you cannot be a coach, you cannot be a professional, you cannot be a coach ... And I told them ‘I have turned the no into why not And I think so. Pursue your pressure always. "

He also remembered his growth: "I've been training since I was 14 years old and I don't want to stop remembering all the players I've had close by. I've tried to be empathetic and humble to be able to teach them things. I've also had many club coordinators and managers they have trusted me and I have given it back with work and effort ”.


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