May 27, 2020

Robert Moreno is still looking for Spain to play the Euro 2020 Cup

The selectors (all) say that nobody is fixed in the national team, that you have to win the position. It is your obligation, a way of trying to stay competitive and for nobody to relax, but the reality is that not all players are equal. There are seven months to start the 2020 Euro Cup and at this point before the great championships, who else, who could least intuit the eleven holder of the national team that was going to be in the Euro or the World Cup in turn, with two or three names that They could dance Now the opposite happens, except for two or three names to be headlines and some more for the list, it is not at all clear and Robert Moreno continues to prove, however much the call for the matches against Malta (November 15 in Cádiz) and Romania (18, in the Metropolitan), has been less revolutionary. "Now we have more data, but those who are here does not mean that they will be in March, which is the closest call to the European Championship, or vice versa," says the coach to maintain uncertainty. Both duels are official and, although Spain has already taken out the Euro ticket, it remains to specify the leadership of the group to ensure they are seeded and thus, in theory, have a more placid raffle. This is the search for Robert Moreno for the European Championship.


The three goalkeepers do seem fixed, because they have always been the same: Kepa, De Gea and Pau. But the fight for ownership between the first two has reopened. It seemed that Kepa took the lead, but in the last duel De Gea claimed.


Sergio Bouquets He is the captain, the record man of the national team and the only one fixed in this area of ​​the field. Your partner as a central is one of the great unknowns: Albiol, Pau Torres and Íñigo Martínez are in this call, but they also fight for the site in the Euro Llorente or Mario Hermoso. The right back seems destined for Carvajal or Jesús Navas, who has consolidated playing more late, and for the left back Bernat, Gayá and Jordi Alba will fight for two places.


Busquets, although it is still important in Barcelona, ​​it is no longer so, so indisputable in his club, but for Robert Moreno. Fabian It is the other big bet in the central area, undisputed so far. And here ceases the certainties. The fan opens: Cazorla, Thiago, Saúl and Rodri are on this list, but they could also enter Parejo, who has lost strength in recent games; Ceballos, a regular, although now something is touched; or Isco, which would be fixed if it were not because he barely plays in Madrid. Sergi Roberto, Fornals, Canales … The state of form will say.


All in the air in the attack. Rodrigo is the most settled and now Morata and Alcácer have entered. But the list of applicants includes Gerard Moreno, Aspas, Sarabia, Oyarzábal …

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