July 10, 2020

Robert Moreno: "I have a clear conscience" – La Provincia

The already national Spanish exselector Robert Moreno issued a statement on Wednesday giving his version of what happened after not continuing in office and said he has the "clear conscience" after having reached the bench of 'la Roja' with a bittersweet taste the same that remains in his farewell.

"I have a clear conscience. It is impossible to please everyone, but I sincerely tell you that I respect all and all opinions. I have always maintained that I am a man of my word, that would not be an impediment in the event that Luis Enrique decided to retrain. I have done so even though it has meant my departure. I wish him well because his joys will be ours, "he said in a statement.

Moreno, who did not give the press conference after the victory against Romania, also did not appear before the media on Tuesday after the announcement of the president Luis Rubiales. "Assessing the last hours in the position or even the last days, would only serve to enter a spiral of reproaches and justifications for each of the parties. I will not do it. I do not see any meaning," he added.

"Thanks to all the players for their dedication and dedication in all the concentrations. I have tried to be fair, honest and direct with them. I wanted to help them to develop their task in the field in the best possible way," said Moreno, who also thanked "all the members of the Spanish Federation (RFEF) and to his coaching staff.

"I want to emphasize that it would not have been possible for me to develop this task without Luis Enrique, Rafel, Joaquin and Jesus. I don't lose a staff, what I leave behind are friends. Without forgetting the auxiliaries, very important people in a team and who are never sufficiently recognized, "said the Catalan coach.

In addition, Robert Moreno made it clear that he took over Spain in "extreme situation in Malta", where he had to "assume the leadership of everyone's team". "The objective of the classification entrusted to me has been achieved in a comfortable way. I wish this situation had never occurred. Now we would be equally classified," he wrote.

The 42-year-old coach, who faced with the national team his first great solo experience on a bench, was also grateful to the media and apologized for not appearing on the last day at a press conference. "I don't want to stop asking for forgiveness who felt offended for not giving the last press conference. Circumstances prevented me, "he said.

"I hope you value me for what I have done, not for who I am. It is what I have tried to do in the selection with the players in each contest (…) I will take you in the heart (…) My experience as a coach Absolutely began and ended in the same way, with bittersweet flavor. It is to look forward and face new challenges as a coach in my passion, football. I am prepared to face the challenge of leading new projects, "he concluded.

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