July 12, 2020

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. highlights the competitiveness of renewable energy in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

The climate change expertRobert F. Kennedy Jr.has assured this Tuesday thatrenewable energyThey are "absolutely competitive" in the Canary Islands, where he said electricity has a "high cost" due to the "pressure" that oil companies exert on governments.

"The high cost paid in the Canary Islands for electricity is striking, which has everything to do with the oil companies that are putting a lot of pressure on the Government both nationally and on the Islands and frankly representsan abusive way, since renewable energies on the islands are absolutely competitive today, "he added in statements to the media before intervening in the Conference on Climate Change, organized by EnergyHub in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Kennedy Jr has been delighted with what he has seen in the Canary archipelago, where he said he has found"lots of political will" to make a transitionof the economic and energy model.

Finally, he said that this Monday he stayed at a hotel in Tenerife, whereyesterday also intervened in a conference, and said hotel complex received "90 percent of the electricity and energy it consumed from natural resources, particularly photovoltaic panels", an action that manifested is what has to be carried out in the Canary Islands to "accelerate this different economic model that the islands need. "


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