Robe claims that Live Nation has sued him for his statements about the cancellation of the Extremoduro tour

In March 2021, Extremoduro canceled what would be his farewell tour. The group had already suffered two postponements due to the pandemic and decided to do what it called an "indefinite suspension." In a statement, the singer Robe Iniesta said that he hoped that the Live Nation promoter would not put "any problem" for the return of the tickets. In August, Live Nation confirmed the definitive cancellation and informed the group through a burofax that "the contract was terminated."

Extremoduro announces its dissolution

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Later, Robe presented a solo tour and said in a press conference: “I don't trust a hair of Live Nation”, so he commissioned another promoter to manage the tour. “It seems that they have some kind of allergy to the word return. In his statement they didn't even mention it. On top of that, they wanted us to sign it jointly. You need to be chumps!” Iniesta protested then. The Facua consumer association denounced Live Nation for make it difficult to refund tickets.

In an interview with the EFE Agency ahead of the start of his solo concerts, the musician announced that Live Nation has filed a 3 million euro lawsuit against him "for the interviews" he did "explaining these things (the cancellation of the tour) and basically for calling them chumps when talking about the return of the money”. Iniesta did not want to go into more details on the recommendation of his lawyer. "He has told me that I can say what I want except what I really think of them," he added.

“I only said that after postponing once and then another, you could not postpone a third and spend another year tied to a contract without knowing if those concerts could be done. I said that when the pandemic was over, we would set dates, but they had no patience. They canceled the contract and also managed very badly all the return of the tickets ”, he insists today.

Robe starts his concerts in Cáceres this Saturday and has 40 dates in sight that make it one of the longest of the year.

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