Robaina presides over the European session on innovation in the university – La Provincia

Robaina presides over the European session on innovation in the university - La Provincia

The rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Rafael Robaina, has been appointed chair of the session on Innovation in the Universities, in the Annual Conference of the Association of European Universities (USA).

On this occasion, the Annual Conference will take place in University of the Sorbonne (Paris, France), days 1April 1 and 12, and the president is in charge of opening and closing the session, as well as organizing the debate.

The Innovation in Universities session focuses on the presentation of successful experiences in which innovation is a strategic university priority, both in its alliance with companies and in the use of new technologies or entrepreneurship.

The Association of European Universities (in English European University Association, USA) represents more than 800 universities and rectors' conferences in 48 European countries and is the largest organization related to education in Europe, since it encompasses 17 million students who attend Studies in the universities represented. The EUA offers its members unique opportunities to influence and shape future European policy and initiatives that affect higher education and research.

Thanks to its interaction with a large number of European and international organizations, the EUA ensures that the voice of European universities is heard wherever decisions are made that may have an impact on their activity.
The summit will revolve this year around the motto 'Promoting innovation in European universities'. "Innovation is beneficial for society as a whole and covers all fields of knowledge: technological, medical, social, cultural and educational innovation is changing the world, and those who drive it decide the direction, as creators and suppliers of knowledge and places of social reflection, universities have a central role in shaping the future and in the formation of the next generation of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers, "the organizers say.


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