March 3, 2021

Robaina aspires to lead a “resilient” ULPGC to face future challenges

The candidate for reelection as rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), Rafael Robaina, intends to continue leading a project focused on a new concept of a “resilient” university, capable of facing the future challenges imposed by the covid-19.

Under the motto “Strengthen the present to lead the future”, Robaina proposes a change in the social context, with challenges such as the 2030 Agenda to help meet the Sustainable Development Goals and the economic recovery funds in which, in his opinion, the ULPGC has to be “fundamental”, in addition to addressing digitization, sustainability, equality and training for employment and research.

In the presentation of your program, the rector of the ULPGC has highlighted the importance of continuing to work on aspects related to internationalization and the quality of degrees to “forge and continue advancing with an experienced team.”

Regarding the new challenges for the future, the candidate for rector has been in favor of developing a “center to center” campaign that allows him to “collect proposals and concerns from the university community”

Robaina This campaign began this Thursday, which will lead, on February 25, to the election of the new rector of the ULPGC, at the Faculty of Marine Sciences, where he has offered a presentation in which he has focused on the “foreseeable economic and social crisis that will have to be addressed” in the coming years with a “project that strengthens the present from experience and with an illusion of leadership for the future. ”

To carry it out, Robaina Surround yourself with a team of six men and six women, among which ten people who currently accompany him, nine vice-rectorships and two newly created areas will continue.

The rector will incorporate Ángeles Perera for the Vice-Rector for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to his current team, and Gerardo Delgado for the Office of Digitization, Sustainability and Institutional Strategy.

Rafael Robaina believes in a university “resilient and aligned with the SDGs, mainly in terms of equality, sustainability, digitization and training for employment”, within the framework of a “new concept of the school of the new citizenship”, in which the academic institution is “a key piece for social rescue and as an agent of change in its field”.

In addition, it advocates taking advantage of the “strengths acquired from the period of pandemic and confinement in terms of digital tools and virtual campus” to promote a “redefinition of teaching and learning processes based on virtual experience” through the Digital Resource Center and the open publication of the knowledge of a “transparent university”.

Of the institutional strategic plan 2021-23 has highlighted its infrastructure plan, endowed with 30.2 million euros and which foresees projects “on all campuses”, the permanent training center and the new Faculty of Education, which will operate as a “laboratory” on new forms of teaching .

The quality training is another of the axes of the candidate for re-election as rector of the ULPGC, which emphasizes “dual training, having an interesting offer for society and supporting international accreditations and open itineraries.”

Robaina will also promote a “new equality plan, with protocols for prevention and action against harassment, conciliation measures, and periods of maternity or paternity leave.”

“Whether rector or not, we cannot lose the raising of resources and money for the university, with a competitive distribution. I will be behind to ensure that it is so”, has referred.

Robaina has shown its willingness to promote the “ULPGC Transfiere” program, focused on the transfer of knowledge, which would join ‘ULPGC Employs’ and ‘ULPGC Emprende’.

In internationalization matter stressed the importance of “being where you need to be”, with Africa as a priority, and of the RUP or Erasmus + campuses, in addition to advancing in language skills with intercultural activities such as the Winter School, Summer School or the International Space of the university library .

TO Robaina trial, the budgets that are destined to the ULPGC in the next years should allow to continue creating the positions that the institution needs, at the same time that it has advocated having “a more balanced staff of Administration and Services Personnel”.


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