May 31, 2020

Road chaos in the Chilean capital due to truck protest against transit fees

Dozens of trucks on Wednesday made a slow march on the access and ring roads of Santiago de Chile in protest against the rates for the use of the country's roads, which generated vehicle chaos during peak hours in the capital.

The demonstration on wheels was convened by the collective "No + TAG", who consider "abusive" prices to be paid daily or monthly to travel on the highways, after two days of negotiations with the Government and not Get positive results.

The trucks began their journey in the south of Santiago and circulated at an abnormally reduced speed along Route 5, which is part of the Pan-American Highway, heading towards downtown Santiago.

The flags of Chile peeked through the windows of the cabins of the trucks and the horns announced the arrival of the caravan, which did not completely block the road and allowed traffic through a lane.

Mottos such as "No + TAG, I am SME" or "No + Abuses" could be read painted by brush in the bodies of trucks and also in taxis and private vehicles that joined the mobilization.

While some dump truck drivers lifted their trailers in the unloading position others waited in gutters and highway access to join the march.

Among the main demands of the protesters is the reduction of 80% in the price of the TAG system, in which vehicles must carry a device that, by way of electronic toll, records the paths that each car, motorcycle, bus or truck It does these roads, privately owned.

There are two ways of payment: monthly good for free use of each road, which is paid separately either one highway or another of the capital through which it circulates, or for unit use and depending on how many tolls are crossed.

Each time a vehicle passes through one of them, a beep is registered in the car's TAG device and generates a payment order.

Prices reach 120,000 pesos (165 dollars) per month on motorways per vehicle.

On the other hand, drivers also seek to separate TAG debts from driving licenses, since if a driver contracts a debt with one of the private companies that manage the highways, he cannot renew his license until he pays.

This demonstration is part of the social protests in Chile, which marks their twentieth day on Wednesday and there have already been 20 dead, six of them foreigners.

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